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Erm...Interesting Thought I had whilst watching FMA.

Allo! Salut! First off I'm new here *waves* Nice to finally be a part of this loverly community! I <3 FMA (must have seen teh whole series like...8 times by now...^_^) and have an odd Armor fetish =*w*= ! on to the reeeal reason I posted! Me and a friend were wathing FMA U.S. style...twas the episode with Fletcher and Russel <3...and thought...HEY! They should have switched Al and Fletcher's voice actors! My friend was like..."Fletcher's voice sounds older and a bit more like 14", and after further observation, I couldn't help but agree! Although Fletcher's v.a. would have to be a bit more lively I must say...cute voice but no emotion! Gahh this concept is going to haunt me for the rest of the fandom >.

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