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Go Go Gan Gan!

So I finally got my hands on a copy of Gan Gan, the manga magazine that carries the FMA manga, at the New York Asahiya.

First impression: Damn, that thing is BIG! It's one of the thickest manga magazines I've ever seen. It's really deserving of the term "phonebook." I did like that it devoted a lot of pages to Hagaren, though, not only with the manga itself but with game previews, movie preview, etc. -- plus some fanart!

But the best thing was the extra that came with it! Inside the pages was a *box* which turned out to contain a chibi Roy keychain! It's adorable! And they're going to be giving away a chibi Ed (a redundancy, I know ~_^) in their next issue.

I usually don't pick up phonebook mangas anymore -- they take up a lot of space, especially when they begin to pile up, and the material is only going to come out in a tankubon eventually anyway -- but this one is definitely worth getting in the future. (If only for the chibi keychains! Wonder if they're going to do the whole cast?)
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