Briana (_free_spirit_) wrote in fm_alchemist,

pitiful contribution

I joined this community a while ago, and aside from a fanart and a crack edit, I feel I haven't contributed much. So, I set out to make some icons... unfortunately I'm a terrible procrastinator and only got two finished.
(I'm using one right now ^^;;) The second one was being annoying and I couldn't get the text (or anything for that matter) the way I wanted it >.< I posted it anyway (even though I hate it)along with it's base.

Please comment if you decide to snatch them, as these are my first attempts at icons and I'd like to get some feedback ^_^ Credit is not required (although it is loved <3)

The quote on the first one is from ep 11 of the dub
quote on the second is from the song "Brace Yourself" by Howie Day
screencaps from the 2nd opening and episode 24


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