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FMA Fan Character

Hmmm though this is a fan character, I though I'd share it with the rest of the community *nods*
I've been VERY happy about the way this character has turned out (I've grown quite attachted to her)

Name: Claudia Reaburn (Cladie for short)
Gender: Female
Height: 5' at age 10, 5'5" at age 13

Appearance: slender build. Very short brown hair and gray eyes. Her right ear is lined with 4 piercings, while her left ear only has one. Often dresses somewhat boyishly, yet wears clothes in such a way (somewhat fitted) that you can tell that she's a girl (though, at first glance she still does get mistaken for a boy). The palm of her left hand is scarred due to the incident 10 years ago, and the scar that remains still makes a completed transmutation circle. She often weasr finger-less gloves on her hands, though the glove on right hand is lined with sheet metal which she can transmute into short claws if need be.

Personality: Lively and talkative, she enjoys meeting new people and going to new places. Tomboyish in nature, she likes to be active, running, sports, and generally being rowdy. She also has a strong sense of responsibility as well as protective, and will often find herself protecting or teaching the younger kids. She has a passion for creativity, mostly through painting. And though she may seem eccentric and a live wire, she also has an appreciation for quite moments. She is often stubborn in the sense that, she refuses to give up on anything. She also is greatly bothered by those that aren't grateful for what they have or what they are given, and will often go into long rants about the situation if she feels she needs to. Appreciation and respect are very important to her.

Back Story: When she was born, her mother died of birthing complications. She was raised by her father, in a small town (and when I say small, I mean like, 12 or so families in the ENTIRE village) that made its trade mainly by weapons manufacturing, as well as automail parts.
Her father, as well as much of the village members, believed that even though alchemy could be used to make weapons quicker, the best weapons are ones constructed by hand, and their reputation seemed to confirm this. Though, basic alchemy was known and used by a few of the villages, mainly for simple household repairs. Her father, was one of those, and he taught her some useful alchemy skills as well. (I would like to stress that any alchemy used at all is VERY limited, as it is mostly taught by the parents, if at all, hardly any books on the matter in this village)
Being raised by her father, in a village where there were more boys than girls, she grew up rather tomboyish. Because she was often running around, or doing outdoor chores she often dressed like boy, and kept her hair short. Without her mother, there was no real female influence, and her father was often concerned that she was being deprived of that, and often tried to 'help' by offering to get her pretty dresses, or

One night when she was 10 years old, her village was overrun by a gang of rebels of sorts, that had sighted the village to use it's resources to arm themselves and build their strength to overthrow one of the Military's outposts. The children were confiscated and used as collateral, to make the parents work for their own gain.
Though heavily guarded, the children of the village, though fearful, felt as though they should find a way out. One of the kids that knew some basic alchemy hatched a plan to get out, by making a way out. Though was caught making the alchemy circle by one of the guards and was beaten for it. After that, the guards watched them even closer and anything that could make a scratch or mark was found and removed.
Knowing that 'creating' a way out, really was their only option, Claudie realized the only way to make a transmutation circle, was on herself. She had accidentally poured hot water on her hand earlier in the day, and still had a bandage around her left hand. She decided she would scrape the transmutation circle into the palm of her left hand, it would be painful, but with the given situation it was the best course of action she could think of.
Over the course of two nights, she had succeeded in creating a red and bleeding transmutation circle. After a discussion and group decision, it was decided that Cladie should be the only one to leave, because having everyone leave, could be a far greater risk than just one leaving. So while Cladie ran as fast as she could to the nearest town, the rest of the kids cleverly made sure the loss of her presence wasn't noticed.
After running for several hours, upon reaching the nearest town, she was lucky enough to run into Maes Hughes (almost literally), who contacted the conveniently nearby, Fullmetal Alchemist (12 at the time).

Though the town was saved, and the rebels apprehended, Claudie's father had suffered severe injuries, some of which, were inflicted before the initial fight to free themselves had started, (in fact, many of the men tried to rebel many times), and died some time later due to his injuries.
Though she was cared for by family friends after her father's death, she began to grow restless, not out of pain of loss, but her natural need to want to explore, as well as needing to find a better place to fill the needs of being a painter. By the time she turned 13, she had left the village she grew up in, and began to wander.

Other Notes: After her hand healed, areas where the scar tissue had formed, became ultrasensitive, as well as not sensetive at all in various parts of her palm, and other sensations are somewhat, 'thrown off' as far as feelings of touch go, so the glove is not only to hide the scar, but also worn to protect her hand. If the the hand is no gloved, is will be wrapped. (only unwraped if she uses the transmuation cicle scar on her hand, or bathing.. of course) Also, though she studied more alchemy after the incident, her alchemy skills are still limited.

ALSO, fun fact, in light of FMA naming fashion, her name was taken from two painters, Claudia being the female form of Claude Monet, and Reabrun, taken from Sir Henry Reaburn.

*hops* fan characters are fun to make ^^

To Clarify
SHE is NOT intended to by any sort of love interest to the elric brothers in any way. NOR is she intented to somehow be some sort of siginificant help to the brothers. She was simply a character creted on the base of the idea 'could a scar of a Transmuation circle be used like a regular transmutation circle.
I personally, cannot stand character made for the sole perpose of 'getting together' with another character in the show

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