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w00t for essays that are FMA centered! :D

Disclaimer: I admit I borrowed characters. So these characters belong to Arakawa-san, BONES, Hime, and the people at the Altered!Series community.

-Many girls like to wear skirts, miniskirts even. But Roy Masuta likes them more. Not so much that he wears them, but you understand. He plans to become fuhrer and make every woman in the military wear miniskirts.
-He won't let anything get in his way of becoming the head of the military. Masuta will even keep the pain in from his best friend dying. Masuta knew his friend Thomas was murdered, and secretly went to find out who had killed his friend. It turned out to be the current fuhrer's genderly-confused brother.
-In rage, Masuta attacked the fuhrer in an empty cellar, killed off the fuhrer, lost an eye, became a pirate, and finally avenged his friend's death.
-So his plan with the miniskirts never worked out, but he at least had his revenge. And for a plus, being a pirate is fun! Unless of course, your subcoordinate comes after you with a gun and a bunch of apples. Then you scream and run.

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