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FMA Alt. Universe planing stage III

Okay. I think I have enugh main character names....Since last time I have changed some...and came up with my own for Trisha. I think I have enugh of the main characters to start off with....If I need more names I'll be sure to ask.

Alyssa = Al
Eduarda = Ed
Trent = Trisha
Winston = Winry
Nino = Nina
Rae = Mustang
Elijah = Hawkeye
Alexandra Louise Armstrong
Kate Fury
Jeanie = Havoc
May = Hughes
Graciano = Gracia
Valerie Farman
Hannah = Hohenheim
Scar = Scar
Ron = Rose
Rachel Tringham = Russell
Florance Tringham = Fletcher
Queen Brandy

I'm also going to need more Sin Ideas. On how they would look. so I can choose the best one when I get to that point.

But the main reason I'm starting this post is I'm in need of episode transcripts. Because It's hard to do this by memory. I'm trying, but....it's hard. and I only remember bits and pices. If you would direct me to some, or make one yourself. It will only be use for the sol purpous of reviewing, then turning into a fanfic with the AU characters.

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