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This might sound pretty useless, but... this is an offer from an artistic-dead lj user to all those wonderful icon-makers out there: I found a way to get FMA raws (on DC++). So, if you need any particular non-subbed scene from the anime for your icons, you can leave a comment (possibly w/ the number of the episode as well) and I'll get it and crop it for you (I won't be sending screencaps, but rather the scene itself).
If you're DC++ users, I can give you the hub address and the name of the user.
Knowing my luck (or lack thereof), the user who has the raws will probably delete all of them overnight, but you can try >.<

*bows to icon-makers, geniuses she still has to figure out and probably never will*


/EDIT: I'll be going back to college on Feb.10th, so try to make all of your requests by then. Later than that I'll only be able to get my hands on the raws (hopefully) on weekends.

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