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Doujinshi help?

Stuck at home today because I'm terribly sick. *sneezes* I want to make a new wallpaper for my computer, but I don't really have the right picture. Would you guys mind giving me some links/e-mailing/pointing me in a general direction of any FMA doujinshi? I'm particularly looking for "Blue Flame" and "Traumerei"

My e-mail is aisha765@yahoo.com, put something like "FMA doujin" in the subject line so I know it's from you guys. (My account can currently handle about 95-100 megs, so space isn't a big concern) I'm willing to do drabble or icon making/compressing requests if you want something in return, but keep in mind if I get 40 people asking for these, I don't know if I can handle it. XD Thanks.

Edit: Okay, scratch that, sorry. XD One of my AIM buddies pointed me towards the fma_yaoi community, and I found a ton there. Still, if anyone can find me "Blue Flame" or "Traumerei", I'll make an icon/do a drabble request for you.
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