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More Stupid Pictures! :D

I return! With more photos and a VERY crack edit. A suppose the edit is a spoiler for the 5th lab arc. >>;

Bradley sells booze. Somehow I suspected as much. ^^;

Envy seems to have opened a restaurant/nighclub. This doesn't surprise me at all, to tell you the truth.

Lust has become chocolate. Very delicious chocolate, at that. <3

I'm quite sorry, but Spooky would so PWN Roy. Because Spooky wins at all things. *shot*

Conclusive proof of what has always been suspected: Ed actually IS taller when his shirt is off.


prepare yourself for my absolutely craptastic editing skillz


And this...this is Cheerleader!Kimblee. There's a little story to this. During my English midterm today, someone said a certain cheerleading chant of my school's cheerleading team. I INSTANLY got this mental picture and was silently laughing so much, I could not finish my exam. ><;;

Feel free to shoot me into millions of peices now. I know that I deserve it.
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