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Drabble for swirling_chaos!

Her request:

1. Roy and Ed
2. Stuck in a cabin
3. Only one blanket

XDDDD! I had fun with this one! >.> A little too much fun...^.^" Anyway, here's the stuff:

Title: How to Keep Warm...
Rating: PG-13
Crack!Pairing (?): RoyEd


He shivered again, muttering how he should have let Al come with them. No...the bastard had said only him. If he hadn't known that killing the other man would have led to the end of his search, he would have done it years ago.

He pulled at the blanket. "Quit hogging it, Colonel Bastard."

He could hear the smirk in his voice, "You know, I hear body heat is warmer than any blanket."

The bastard...he had this all planned. The mountain, the cabin, the bickering...the avalache. He grinned, clenching his right fist. He'd give him body heat!


^.^" Yeah...even have something to go along with it, too. >.> Got bored in Homeroom. I guess you can consider this an Omake:

Logic - Roy didn't get snap-happy because when the avalache first occurred, he attempted it and had made a tunnel only so far until it collapsed on him.

Illogic - Does that mean Roy's nekkid 'cause his clothes are wet? *yaoi!fangirl-persona's dream* @.@...


Logic - Roy ordered Ed to come alone because it was 'highly sensitive' information.

Illogic - Roy planned to confess his feelings? *yaoi!fangirl-persona's other dream* @.@...


Logic - Ed didn't use his alchemy because he would have been crushed under the snow and whatever else was in the snow.

Illogic ->.>...sure...


Logic - Ed's metal limbs got really cold because of the weather and lack of heat in the cabin.

Illogic - So that means no fire for Roy's clothes to dry? >.>...


Logic - Cold metal + already cold Colonel = XD!

Illogic - Was Roy nekkid? *hits yaoi!fangirl-persona for giving her mental images* @.@!, can question my sanity now ^.^"
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