Syd (xkesshoux) wrote in fm_alchemist,

More Requested Drabbles!

This time we have yet another het pairing drabble followed by two little snippets of utter crack. Do we see a pattern here? I think I can write serious for one drabble and then I'm suddenly in crack mode...

Title: Lips (for malika)
Rating: PG-13+
Genre: Humor/Romance
Word Count: 875
Challenge: HavocxHawkeye (vodka)
Warnings: Sap, somewhat OOC Riza, crappy attempt at writing alcohol induced people despite having no real knowledge of alcohol's effects, perverted thoughts from Havoc at the end, pathetic attempt at plot in a drabble to make this pairing seem reasonable (I do it with everything, get used to it, there has to be logic or I just have to make it crack.)


Title: Dial Tones (Omake to unwritten drabble for kyoryokunazo)
Rating: R (For implications, oh, and insanity, this is brain breakage material.)
Genre: Humor/Crack/Parody, mostly crack though.
Word Count: 185 in all
Challenge: RoyxHughes phone sex. (It's really not the traditional drabble, unless it's traditional from me. XD)

Dial Tones, Omake 1 and 2
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