nobody home (feartotread) wrote in fm_alchemist,
nobody home

assorted flavors

Two fanart offerings: Ed, and also Ed X Roy. The first is fanservicey but not pr0n, the second a bit on the gay side but certainly not enough to make you burn your clothes and go sob in the shower.

well, not for content, anyway.

This was my first shot at some FMA art, and done from memory, so don't base your cosplay offa his ghetto automail.

Really, I just wated to draw the pencils. and Ed's teeth.

Foreshortening, it doth suck big time.

Many Bothans died to bring you these scans.

Also, instead of throwing a zillion links at you, I will give you one: Bishonenink::The Laboratory which has assorted fic by me and my partner llamajoy. Some Al introspective, some elricesty Ed!wank, some RoyxHawkeye post game, and one silly insane other little thing that we both deny any involvment with. I don't know anything about the peaches.

More forthcoming.

/shameless self-promotion
some content previously posted to my Tenshi no Korin journal.
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