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Collecting fic recs

Some of you may already be familiar with Touka Koukan. We're a fanfiction archive for Fullmetal Alchemist fics. We used to be a yaoi archive but now we're looking to expand and open het, yuri and gen sections as well to make everybody happy(fics can be sorted by pairing to find what you want quickly). This fandom has gotten bigger lately and we can't keep track of everybody. So please, if you could rec het/gen/yuri authors for us to look into in order to fill our new sections, we'd really appreciate it. Go on, name everybody you love/worship/stalk. Please. <3

Old (yaoi version) archive. New archive that so needs love. (clicking on the above banner brings you there.)

Be quick or else I'll have to do homework instead! Don't let me do that. ;_;
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