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Mandatory "N00B" post! :D

Hey All, Everybody~ [/end obscure TV jokes]

Katu Fushigi here, just taping the mandatory "Lookit me, everybody, I'm a NEWBIE" sign on my forehead and the "kick me" one on my back. :D

I've been a fan of Hagaren since about a little while after it's release in Japan. I mean, I wasn't like, OMGONTOPOFIT, but I was pretty close. I regrettably say I had never seen the anime until it had been released on Adult Swim. But I had been reading every single scanlation I could get my hand on at least five to six months before that.

If there is a subbed-versus-dubbed debate, I stand smack-dab in the middle of it. I hate almost all of Funimation's work, buuuuut....they did pretty good. And the little I did hear of the original, it was wonderful. O_O (But honestly, people. What is funnier than HIEI playing SHOU TUCKER?...Well, Richard Cox speaking in general, but hey, what can ya do?)

Anyway, I'm one of those frequent posters, so....LOOKOUT. X3
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