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my first batch of FMA Lj icons

Okie, so I tried my hand at some FMA icons.. I hardly do Icons (mostly, they're just for me) so I'm surprised at how motivated I was to make these
(EDIT: AGAIN! I Completely forgot one!)

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.
#5 I left blank, because I couldn't think of a good caption
Not a bad bunch.. nope I think they're some of the best ones I've done.. since I haven't done many of them.
And I've learned, the best way to make 'angry' looking font, is to write it yourself.. It turned out great on the icons ^^
But yeah, they're all up for grabs

Also, if any of you could get me a caption of when Ed is writing a letter to Winrey, that'd be so great o_o (I have an idea, you see..)
Edit: Oh yeah, and also some shots of Hughes on the phone, and Roy looking annoyed on the phone (and or disgusted) I have another icon in mind.. but ANIMATED...
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