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Making your fantasies come true. XD [Spoiler inside]

Oh yes, I told you I'd do it and I did it. Praise me now. ROFL.

First wall of the year, first time trying new techniques! Welcome the abstractico-scenery background! So first off, it's a very spoiler wall and very for the girls out there. XD I'm so sorry for people who haven't seen the serie yet but I just had to wall that scene (ep. 51).

Thank you to the guy who posted the scans from the Newtype in MT. I can't remember his name and it seems he deleted them (wtf?!). Since it was a double page and Ed was nicely cut in two + bottom all covered by text, I decided to vector it. The pain. The vector work (Illustrator) took me a whole week bit by bit, I hadn't much time.

Props to Sammo from MT and FMA ep. 51 for the light effects inspiration and for the abstract background tutorial. *hides* Besides the massive light FX, I drew the Gate behind Ed (anime version). Creepy. Full rez = max details.

I'm very satisfied of the outcome because I really had no idea of how it would turned out while I was vectoring Ed: I was thinking "mm... yeah... naked!ed... what can i do as a background to not screw him up...". Since it's my second time trying something abstract, I think it's pretty good.

SMALL EDIT: added more effects on the marks so that they really look like glowing out of his skin and reworked some rays of light.

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