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it's my first yaoi fanfic (moreover, it's my first fanfic IN ENGLISH - but next time I'll translate russian fics as I think it'll be better)
Pairing: Ed/Roy

Edward returned home drunk. It was usual for him about a month since his birthday party in the army. His hair war disheveled so he looked a bit creased.
-Where were you? - Winry asked, opening the door.
-Ummm… It was Roy's birthday... - He fell onto the sofa, unable to do anything.
-Wait.. You told me that you were on Roy's birthday yesterday… And two days ago… And three..
-But what if we still celebrate it? - Edward yawned, - please, just leave me alone… I wanna sleep…
-Wait, shorty… - yelled Winry, but Ed already fell asleep.

Roy came to Edward's place, but Fullmetal was asleep.
-Oh, please, wait here, I'll wake him up! - Winry entered Edward's room. Ed lay in the middle of the bed, clenching the cushion. He was blissful, nevertheless sun was shining directly to his eyes…
-Are you still sleeping, bean boy?
Ed opened one of his eyes:
-Who's so small you have to use a magnifying glass to see?
-Me? - Ed yelled.
-Ummm… By the way, Roy is waiting for you..
-Stop fooling me around! I have a day off! Why should I come to him?
-Noooo… He came here and asked for you…
-Eh? I guess he came here not to give me some extra boring work… - Ed entered the room where Roy was sitting on the sofa and waiting for him. He was wearing not usual military uniform what surprised Edward.
-Hey, Roy, what are you doing here?
-Good, it's almost the evening! I came to see, are you doing well or not…
-Eeeh? But why? - Ed hadn't understand the reasons for Roy to come to his house without any special mission or work yet
-You asked me last night to do that… Don't you remember?
-Last… night?
-Brother, what were you doing last night? - asked Al, who just entered the room.
-Umm.. I don't know… I can't remember anything… I was drunk and…
-What a shame, you can't remember it! - Roy interrupted him, - by the way, you were so nice!
-Nice? Am I… - Ed fainted as he realized what had happened last night.
-Have my brother done something weird? - Al asked.
-Don't be so innocent, - Roy sighed.
-So he did something forbidden and will be thrown out from the army, - surprised Al, - Am I right?
Roy fainted.

Ed opened one of his eyes. Then he opened the last one in disbelieve. He saw big Roy's face which was quite close to him.
-What's that for? - Ed whispered.
-So you really can't remember anything… - Roy sighed, - But you still remember about a day off, aren't you?
-Yes, but… Who'll forget about it?
-By the way, I told you about it, while we were…
-While we.. what?
-Please, don't act like a child, chibi-Edward-kun! - Roy smiled.
-Ch-ch-chibi???? - Ed yelled. He tried to stand up, but failed. (You know, WHY he failed -__-)
-Isn't that nice? - Roy asked Ed. He tried to kiss him and succeed. For some reason, Ed didn't endeavored to oppose.
-You are drunk, right?
-No. But when you are drunk, you act better…
-Oh, really? And what was I doing?

Winry entered the room, where Roy and Ed were sleeping. Ed woke up.
-Oh my… It was another Roy's birthday, right? - This was her reaction.
Ed sighed. His face became a bit red.
-Sort of.. I think. Please, bring me something to drink…
-Yes-yes, chibi-pervert!
-Who's CHIBI? - Ed yelled.
-But you agreed with 'pervert', right? - Winry blinked and got out from the room.
Winry was on the middle of the way to the kitchen, when she suddenly changed her mind. First of all, she took a bottle with milk and empty one from beer. Then she poured milk to the beer-bottle.
-May be now Edward stop drinking, - she thought.

At the same time…
Al entered the room, where Edward and Roy laid. Hundreds of rhombs started to shine around him… (Remember Armstrong -__-)
-Awesome! You spent all night discussing military plans! You might have really serious problem!
Ed fainted. Roy, who just woke up because of noise of moving armor, too.

Winry entered the room:
-Ed, here you are! - She gave him a bottle with milk.
-Oh! It's beer! Great! - Ed smiled, opening the bottle.
-Wait, Ed! Let me drink it first! Otherwise I'll die with the help of that armor! - Roy's voice was very dickey.
-As you wish, - Edward gave him the bottle.
Roy started to drink. While he was doing it, his eyes became more and more similar to big white circles with small black points in the center.
-I think, you'd better not to drink it…
-But… Why? - Ed surprised, - It's my favorite!
-Anyway, you'd better not to drink it, - Roy blinked.
-I know, you wanna drink it all by yourself, - Ed made a conclusion.
-That's not it! - Roy sighed, hiding the bottle, - I'll tell you later!
-Ummm… I'll bring you another one! - Winry quickly quit the room.
-Damn, - said she silently, when she closed the door, - what should I do NOW? Roy'll tell him there was milk inside the bottle… So, if I'll bring him milk, I'll fail. And what if I'll bring him a real one?

That time, inside the room:
When Al got out from the room and Roy ended with drinking, Ed asked him seriously:
-So, why you told me not to drink that beer?
-Because it was not beer, - Roy answered calmly.
-Then what?
-Milk? - He yelled, - Winry, I'll kill you one day, cause you tried to give me that damned milk everywhere!!!
-Calm down, Fullmetal! Somewhat, she is right, bec…
-But Roy! Who told me this night that my chi…
-Yes, but…
Winry entered the room.
-Here you are, Edward.
-So… Let's check! - Ed blinked.
Everybody stared at him. He slowly opened the bottle and started drinking. Suddenly his face changed.
-You bastard! - He yelled on Roy, - What the…? Stop fooling me around! It's real beer!
-Oh my.. But in the previous bottle was milk! For sure!
-Umm… - Winry got out from the room, artfully smiling, - I think it's time to leave you alone for a while..
-Eeeh, but you wanna drink it all by yourself, right?
-How dare for you to say this! - Roy came closer and closer to Ed, but Fullmetal moved back. Soon, he reached the wall, so there was no way for him to move back.
-You don't believe me, Fullmetal? - Roy asked him, when he came to him as closer, as it's possible.
-Ummm.. But…
-Hey, Ed! Answer me!
-If I'm that bad, then why you are still with me?
-By the way, I thought you are the one who don't let me go.
-So… You are welcome! If you want.. - Roy blinked.
One minute has passed.
-Why you are still here? What do you want from me?
-Ummm… To tell you the truth, I…
-What do you want from me NOW? - Roy blinked again…
-You know, I think…

Winry (near the door):
- Once started, it'll never ends. And there'll be no need in palming off milk again… So I have nothing interesting to do… Poor me..

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