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Just thought I'd share... (from an IM with Vic XD)

So I saw Vic was online earlier today, and randomly decided to message him. What ensued was a very random (albiet a bit short) conversation ranging from total silliness to halfway serious character analysis. Since people seem to enjoy hearing what the VAs have to say about their characters and such, I figured I'd post a little of it.

(Note: I've removed some of the boring stuff like 'hello' and such from this, just posting the conversation bits, and of course Vic's screen name has been removed)

ACDrgnMstr: You guys [Vic and Travis] should try to both be online at the same time for "Flame vs. Fullmetal"/
Vic: Fullmetal RULES!
ACDrgnMstr: Yeah, except when he gets his rear kicked. XD
ACDrgnMstr: Or burnt to a crisp.
Vic: HEY!!!!
Vic: Roy's got NOTHIN on Ed!!!
ACDrgnMstr: ....other than a foot or two of height, you mean?
Vic: but I dont need a stupid glove....and I can do ALOT more than light stuff on fire :-)
ACDrgnMstr: Lol.
ACDrgnMstr: *shrugs* 'sokay, I like Ed too. ^_^ I'm a lot like Roy personality-wise, but the Elrics remind me so much of my little brothers...
Vic: Roy is boring!
Vic: hehe
ACDrgnMstr: Lol.
ACDrgnMstr: Not when Riza's around. Then Roy is just plain whipped. XD
Vic: LOL
Vic: totally!
ACDrgnMstr: But you know he loves every minute of it. ;p
ACDrgnMstr: Now Ed, he's so caught up in his quest thing and stuff that he wouldn't know affection if it kissed him on the lips. :p
Vic: him get flustered next week with Psiren!
ACDrgnMstr: Haha.
Vic: and I think he likes winry a little too
ACDrgnMstr: (actually, that ep was my first thought when I typed that)
ACDrgnMstr: Ah, maybe, but Winry seems almost more like a big sister tot he boys, y'know?
Vic: yeah....but there's more there I think...
ACDrgnMstr: I dunno, Ed just strikes me as being almost totally lacking in a sex drive in the series. He's just too focused on other priorities to even give romance a thought.
Vic: yes he is...
ACDrgnMstr: Not that that's necessarily a *bad* thing, just the way his personality is.
Vic: yeah...right now....
Vic: but he hints every so often....
ACDrgnMstr: Hehe, but really any of his reactions could be equally explained as him looking up to Winry and being embarassed about that. Not any romantic interest at all.
Vic: true....

...and after that he had to log off, and thus the conversation was abruptly ended. ^_^;; Though I was a little surprised he didn't take the bait on the height comment, oh well.

...this has been brought to you by random stalking of my buddylist for "interesting" people to talk to. XD
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