i'm serving time, all for a crime i did commit (unruhe) wrote in fm_alchemist,
i'm serving time, all for a crime i did commit

Chat Logs - 01-08-05

Well, last night was hectic to say the least. Mike, Vic, and Travis graced the FMADub room with their presence, and, well, needless to say, it was full of crack. (:

As usual, the actual screen names of the VAs have been edited, but the content of the chat isn't and blah blah blah if you don't want your screen name on here, e-mail me and tell me and I'll change it. There is a small part of the chat that I'm missing - I learned that it's not a good idea to turn off ones wireless router while on the internet - but as far as I can tell, nothing happened because the subject remained the same when I returned. However, if you have that part of the chat that I'm missing, I would very much appreciate it if you posted it for me. <33

So, enough of me rambling.

Mike, Vic, and Travis chat - 01.08/09.05

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