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yet another newbie post!

hey guys, I bet you're sick of these. well, you get one from me on this subject as well. Hi! I'm kinda new, I've been reading this community for a while now and felt I should take part more often than leech and such [and besides... like 90% of my friends page comes from this lj community, kind of weird] anywho. just wanted to express my love for HagaRen and its nice to finall post ^_^!

I leave you with an lj cut... because .. yeah

okay, finally watched episode 17 [after a long while of waiting for it to download] and dear gawd! the amount of sparkles in this episode alone! even sad falling sparkles! it was like.. magic. I loved the sparkle battle between Winry and Armstrong the most though... I had to make a [crappy] animation of it. I was thinking of making it an icon, but I think half the sparkles would die from the resizing.
[and after some time from staring at the animation, it kind of looks like they're oogling each other or something ... oh gawd x.x]

yeah! sparkles!
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