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An offering

Just an AU drabble centered on Roy and Hughes. Bit angsty.

They weren't ready for this kind of situation. Nobody was ever quite ready to handle their best friend bleeding all over the sidewalk. They were tense but relatively calm, if only because they couldn't afford not to be.

"Roy, I can feel his heartbeat. He's alive."

"Give me your coat, quick. Maes, say something will you?"

"He's unconscious. Fuck... Look at all that blood. I'll go call an ambulance."

"Hurry up."

"Hang in there. I'll be right back." Roy couldn't tell to which of them Jean was talking.

It just had to happen in the middle of the night when there was nobody to help, didn't it? There wasn't even one car on the street. With Jean gone, it was just Maes and him.

And the blood. All that blood painting the coat, the sidewalk and Roy's hands a hot crimson.

He kept muttering curses, because any sound was better than the eerie silence. "Come on, stop bleeding already!"

Roy was naked to the waist, coat and shirt already shed as bandages, yet nothing seemed to be enough to stop it. Roy had no idea how much blood somebody could lose without being in mortal danger, but he knew this was just too much. He pressed his clothes harder against the wounds but the blood just kept soaking the fabrics and flowing between his fingers.

"Fuck, Maes! Stop bleeding!"

It's when the blood stopped flowing that Roy started shaking.

If you know what coeur_dacier is, this should make a lot more sense. *grins* If you don't know, I suggest you go and find out what's up exactly, we have quite a bit of fun over there.

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