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Gluttony's an Orange...

As I said when I posted my icons today, here's my Gluttony project. lol XDD Leave all thanks up to wiccat for the idea that made me go get some construction paper, glue and a paper clip... Please do forgive my digicam... (it sucks really badly. XP)

How to Make a Gluttony
For alchemy-disenhanced people

Well, you could always carry around a tomato and pretend it's Gluttony... ~ wiccat

We all know and love (well, some of us anyway) our dear, dear Gluttony. So, if we love him so much, why not have your own personal Gluttony? In ths tutorial, you will find pictures of my own little creation and how to create your own Glutters. (^__^)

Gather the following materials:
~ pale yellow construction paper
~ a black color pencil or other dark, thick, utencil
~ a paper clip or toothpick
~ tape (for the head to attach quickly to the toothpick)
~ glue (for the hands [and feet] to stick to the orange)
~ 1 orange (or tomato, or a turnip, or some other giant, round produce)

Remember! Produce does decompose over time so be sure to change your Glutters every week or so. (^__^)

Now, take the constuction paper and cut out hands. (You can see these on the 21st picture of the manga art book as seen here ( Place hands at an equal distance from the to-be head and from each other. Try to form a triangle with the connection.

Either print out (as seen below), trace (recommended if you like easiness lol), or create your own head for Gluttony. Below is my rendition of his face using my Adobe Photodeluxe. (>__>);;;

Add his eyes (circles), nose (a 'c' shape, but the other way), and a silly grin on his face (mine has his tounge sticking out). Paste or tape this on to your toothpick.

After you have place Gluttony's head on the toothpick, insert the other side of the toothpick into the orange (or whatever you're using). After this step, you can decide to leave it be (like I did) or get black construction paper and cut out his stubby little feet and place them as far out as the back of your hands go.

There you go. You should have a Gluttony all ready and done. (^__^); Now, time for some picture of my doggies (a basset and a golden) with my finished product. :P

(I have him sitting on a jar top because he'd just roll and roll. lol)

Feel free to post questions, comments, concerns (yes my health is majorly fine: both metal and physical), etc. I'll answer any that come my way. (^__^);;

Tomorrow, I'll see if I can scan my crappy Envy and Lust fan art! XDD;; Well, at least I tried, ne? lol

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