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Masters of Crack!

I'm new to this fandom (I watched the whole series in a rush in the weeks before the holiday, thanks to silverthunder, who supplied me with the fansubs for the second half of the series). I've been reading the posts on this community regularly over the last few weeks, and I have to say --

You people are total masters of crack. I don't think I've *ever* seen so much brilliant, truly funny stuff in a single fandom, and I've been involved in anime for over seven years now. From the saga of Envy vs. the military, to the Darth Honheim vs. Darth Roy comic, to hilarious icons like the one made by deralte that I'm using now, you people have shown time and again that you can get truly *creative* with the original material and make me laugh out loud over and over.

And my God, whoever came up with coeur_dacier is an absolute genius. I will definitely be joining the squealing fangirl chorus for the band!

I think I'm *really* going to enjoy my stay here.
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