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an apology, of sorts.

Well, where to start...

The last few days have been ones where lots of comment-replies have surfaced into my inbox.
Most of them of a rather... how to say... inflammatory variety.
Whether it be for a fic or for some art, I've been around posting comments that for one reason or another, you guys just didn't like.

But before I get any further into this, I'm going to state something straight off:

I don't believe in the saying "If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing."

I tend to speak my mind, and however it's feeling at the moment. Whether it's "This wins the internet", "That's cool", or "hey wait a minute, this sucks".

And sometimes, what I have to say ISN'T bad and is just taken wrongly by others. Take the recent 4-panel comic post, for instance. My first reaction was... well... it inspired me somehow. Now, if I could draw worth crap (and I can't, trust me... that's a subject I'd rather not go into), I would have done this thing right then and there. But I couldn't, so I went to thinking... "what if I just oh so innocently slip some inspiration fodder in with my comment?". I didn't mean anything bad, honest.

A lot of you guys probably hate me by now. And well, to make things even, I probably hate a lot of you, too. But it doesn't HAVE to be that way.

At least, I don't think it does.

So I'm proposing a community-wide truce/apology/whatever you call these things.

I'll let off on the stuff that seems to annoy you guys from here on out, okay?

Sorry this is a bit off topic for the comm, I just wanted to set some things straight. Thanks for your time, etc etc.
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