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06 January 2005 @ 01:52 pm
FMA for LOTR:  

 Hi guys!! I hope you still remember moi! Long time no post! I have been Lord Of The Ring-struck lately! That set me thinking about which FMA character could be which LOTR character. I was thinking Roy could be Aragorn, Ed could be Frodo, Al could be Sam and Armstrong could be Gandalf!

As for the rest, I'm not too sure. Any ideas? Please share! :D

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Russia's greatest love machinerandom_prophet on January 7th, 2005 12:34 pm (UTC)
I already had this planned out XD

Al is Frodo
Ed is Sam
Hughes is Aragorn
Gracia is Arwen
Greed is Gandalf(Chopstick!)
Russel is Merry(If you've seen the EEs or read the books, you'll find this even more fitting)
Fletcher is Pippin
Anime!Wrath is Gollum(though I assure you he's still adorable.)
Innocent Kid!Wrath is Smeagol(AKA Moofy)
Bruce is Boromir
Scar is Faramir
Armstrong is Theoden
Catlin Armstrong is Eowyn(also funnier if you've read the books)
Havoc is Eomer
Anime!Pride is Sauron
Envy is Saruman
Archer is Wormtounge
Riza is Legolas
Roy is an extremely hot Gimli