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Scar/Al Drabble

Fluffy, pointless little drabble that I wrote. X3 Based in the mugenjou_high universe. :D (For those who don't know, Mugenjou High is an LJ RPG where all sorts of anime characters go to high school together. Scar is a History teacher who is in a relationship with Al, his student. :D;;)

Title: Thunderstorms
Pairing: Scar/Al
Warnings: Other than shounen-ai/pedophilia/teleiophilia... nothing really. :D;;
Word Count: 240


He never has liked thunderstorms much. If ever one came along when he was with me, he'd respond by burying his head against my chest, in attempt to block out the loud crashes and flashes of light. Not that I minded, of course; I'd take him up into my arms and hold him close until the storm passed.

Tonight is a bit different in that he's fallen sound asleep in my arms while waiting the storm out. Considering the possibilities, I decide that it would be best for him to spend the night here, though his older brother will surely throw a fit at school tomorrow.

Now I sit on the edge of my bed, watching him as he sleeps, and I gently caress his cheek and forehead, brushing his hair out of his peaceful face. It's curious how he actually looks older when he sleeps, a vast change from his usual childish demeanor. I smile, and after a few minutes stand back up to go back to the couch, where I'll be spending the night.

I'm stopped short, however, when I find that he has grasped the hem of my unbuttoned shirt. "Scar-san..." he mumbles in his sleep, furrowing his brow slightly as the thunder rumbles outside.

I can't bring myself to leave him like that. Resignedly, but with a smile, I come back to the bed and sit next to where he lays.

Ten more minutes shouldn't hurt.

And now for something completely pointles because I refuse to make a post in this community without something like this.

It's Winry!!

That's all from me... for now. :D;;

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