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keep the stillframes in your mind [fma fanart]

|| s k e t c h d u m p. ||

the first.

Quick inks/screentoning. Kudos to monophobia, for her japanese makes anything look classy even when it's not. Hah hah.


F U L L M E T A L S U I K O D E N.
Totally nonsensical, unless you have read/watched/played hagaren and suikoden II. Since I'm pretty bad at drawing without reference; in no particular order;
Havok->Flik, Armstrong->Viktor (!!!), Hughes->Shu, Roy->Riou, Ed->Jowy Atriedes, Winly->Jilla, Al->Luca Blight, Pig->Pig from Peacemaker, Riza->Teresa Wisemail. It makes sense. Sure.


G U N S. Pretty much how I'm feeling, this week. Still needs touch-ups like woah, muthafuckabitch. The Mk.23s were a whore to draw, and it looks ludicrously large in Ed's hand, but that's because I figured his hands were pretty much the same size as mine. I extended the barrel length just a tad, and modified the nozzel too, for no reason other than the fact I thought it looked good. If I can get this going I might just wack it in the doujinshi. Or not.

Have no idea how to colour it.

Sort of random picture dump. Try to enjoy.
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