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Posting s'more fanart. Four pieces this time, sorted into an lj-cut and a link right into my journal, because there's a little smut this time around. XB

Roy and Ed (not RoyEd) having a nice little AU cosplay G, still not finished because I can't find an acceptable way to color it
A version of this, which I posted a few days ago, only now it has ink on it. Goes with this picture of Hawkeye (which I never managed to make a bigger version of...sorry! ><). The spear Ed is holding (the INVISIBLE spear that you can't see behind his lovely hair XB) is called the Silver Second, and Hawkeye's sword is the Silver Hour. ...I can't think of anything else to explain right now. XB

Deus ex Machina PG, Winry's naked and looking really VULNERABLE, but nothing is showing
There's a (still kinda rough) colored version of this. ...Winry is probably upset that I let "sex" get in the file name. XB I happened to think of the phrase "Deus ex Machina." It means something along the lines of an unexpectedly excellent solution coming out of nowhere (or from God) and solving a bad problem (I think), though just looking at it might make you think it means "god in/from a machine." Mostly it's the first meaning that applies here, but the second is okay, too (OMG MACHIENS WINRY TEH YAY!!1). I think Winry wants very badly to be the answer to Ed's problems or to just comfort him, but Ed's dead set and determined to get that philosopher's stone, and in the end, it's the stone that's the ultimate answer from god (or alchemy or whatever), anyways...but then again, it's not much of an answer if he doesn't have one yet... (stupid men adventuring and crap, goddammit rar!) ...I guess it's something that's been pushed on a lot of other characters through the ages, but, uh...SO WHAT HUH!!1? XD

By the by, I think I might have had a dream, like, three days ago, about seeing a deus ex machina thing just like this on this community, only I'm not really sure it was a dream because I'm a little silly, so in case anybody had a stroke of inspiration before I got to thinking, please don't yell at me, you get credit? Yeah.
PG is as rough as it gets here.

The other kind
Gay and rated R/NC-17. Drawn as a kind of continuation/encouragement for a certain fanfic that also started with a picture I drew and talked about at length. XB

All done. Have fun.
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