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How many will want my head for this....

I need a diet coke... mmm... bubbles.

Well, I was told to grace you all with this too. PLEASE DON"T KILL US ;-; Perhaps this will turn into a fic. Oh my, I said I was leaving the fic world.... ::le sigh:: oh well, this looks like fun ;p

Please note, this was done while we were like, less than five feet away from each other, so it's even more sad that this is even in AIM format ^^;;;;;. Killashawndra is anruiukimi . oh, and fear, teh Mark is DRAWING some of this right now O_O

Killashawndra: did you know yer online?

Kinguchan: no sht!!! OMFG!!!

Killashawndra: sht?

Kinguchan: yeah
Kinguchan: sht
Kinguchan: its an offspring of "shit"

Killashawndra: ic
Killashawndra: you need professional help

Kinguchan: like those little theethed brown spoonge looking things they sell plushies of

Killashawndra: O_O

Kinguchan: spoonge is good...almost as good as sponge
Kinguchan: but chewier

Killashawndra: Shut the hell up. ^^

Kinguchan: ;-;
Kinguchan: you don't love me

Killashawndra: ::kicks::

Kinguchan: clicky clicky
Kinguchan: CLICK!
Kinguchan: what up, yo?

Killashawndra: ::pounds::

Kinguchan: ::blink::

Killashawndra: ::pokes::

Kinguchan:, lost my thought

Killashawndra: grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Kinguchan: 8-)
Kinguchan: :-X

Killashawndra: you wanna die?

Kinguchan: shurae~

Killashawndra: bakabaka
Killashawndra: Super hyper chibi!

Kinguchan: uber chibi hyper super migdget
Kinguchan: it's a relative of..... fuck you
Kinguchan: ;p

Killashawndra: Same unto you, hun

Kinguchan: I like fuzzy mokies

Killashawndra: die

Kinguchan: mokies are yummie
Kinguchan: kristen's a mokie
Kinguchan: mmm.... kristen

Killashawndra: Kristen is tasty?

Kinguchan: like foofy mokies

Killashawndra: I see.

Kinguchan: ::Chomps on kristen::
Kinguchan: sexy chompy kristen

Killashawndra: I would prefer tasty man flesh

Kinguchan: O_O
Kinguchan: ._.

Killashawndra: ^_~

Kinguchan: ._.

Killashawndra: +_+

Kinguchan: m(_ _)m

Killashawndra: ?_?

Kinguchan: i moon you
Kinguchan: m(_ _)m

Killashawndra: ^_______________^

Kinguchan: * * * * * *
Kinguchan: ready
Kinguchan: aim
Kinguchan: FIRE

Killashawndra: fire

Kinguchan: i win
Kinguchan: haha
Kinguchan: you suck
Kinguchan: you suck mokies

Killashawndra: you wanna die?

Kinguchan: little deaths, little deaths

Killashawndra: with whom?

Kinguchan: uber hyper midget beans
Kinguchan: yesh, pedophile yo

Killashawndra: Ohhh! Ed smut!

Kinguchan: ed is teh sexy

Killashawndra: Haihai
Killashawndra: sex

Kinguchan: roy is teh dog
Kinguchan: roy is teh viagra
Kinguchan: Al is a virgin

Killashawndra: I wait for FMA mpreg

Kinguchan: OMG
Kinguchan: Ed can't handle women being preggie

Killashawndra: Ed would look cute knocked up!

Kinguchan: Ed - FUCK YOU ROY!
Kinguchan: Roy - ..... but, i'm on top

Killashawndra: ^_~

Kinguchan: I should write it

Killashawndra: Yesyes!
Killashawndra: I luff my mpreg!

Kinguchan: My name is Kurara and I decided to deviate from jrock fan fiction to write all about Ed getting preggie
Kinguchan: yo
Kinguchan: what up

Killashawndra: yo

Killashawndra: Hi Kurara~!

Kinguchan: what up, yo. Ed is 5 months along
Kinguchan: ::bows:: what up, yo?

Killashawndra: And looks like a beach ball

Kinguchan: Ed - TRANSMUTATE IT!!!!!
Kinguchan: Al - what about teh milk?

Killashawndra: ^_^

Kinguchan: Al - boys don't make milk
Kinguchan: Roy - ^^;;;;
Kinguchan: Roy - yes they do....
Kinguchan: Ed - O_O!
Kinguchan: Ed - ROY!!!!!! Al hasn't taken that class yet~

Killashawndra: Little breasted ladies make milk......Ed need'nt worry

Kinguchan: Roy - now Al, when a man and a man fall in lo------
Kinguchan: Ed - OMFG NO!!!

Killashawndra: O_o

Kinguchan: Al - I wanna know, yo

Killashawndra: Roy - Umm...

Kinguchan: oh my god, i think i'm gonna go home and write me a fanfic

Killashawndra: ^_~

Kinguchan: cursed be this conversation, yo

Killashawndra: Ditto, yo

Kinguchan: I"m gonna have to post it in the journal as an apology, yo

Killashawndra: ::laughs::

Kinguchan: I wonder, will they love or hate... love or hate....
Kinguchan: knowing those sadistic bastards...... love
Kinguchan: fluffy fluffy love

Killashawndra: I'll draw a picture!

Kinguchan: YAY!
Kinguchan: doujin!

Killashawndra: Little fat Ed

Kinguchan: we're fucked up, yo

Killashawndra: Amen, sister!

Kinguchan: Al - ::blinks:: this is alchemy, right? equivalient trade?
Kinguchan: Roy - you spelt that wrong
Kinguchan: Al - I spoke it
Kinguchan: Roy - I can tell
Kinguchan: Ed - O_o shut the fuck up Roy
Kinguchan: Ed - and get me some ice cream with pickles

Killashawndra: Roy - yes ma'am

Kinguchan: Al - Kurara wants some diet coke
Kinguchan: Ed - who the hell is Kurara?
Kinguchan: Al - she made Roy make you preggie

Killashawndra: Roy - the fanfic writeer


Killashawndra: Anrui- Whee!

Kinguchan: Kurara - ::is now teh dead::
Kinguchan: Diet coke can - here i am to save the day!
Kinguchan: Kurara - CAFFIENE!!! MY LOVE!
Kinguchan: Diet coke can - ::is teh drunken::

Killashawndra: Anrui - ::grabs can::

Kinguchan: Kurara - WTF yo???

Killashawndra: Anrui - i need to do my midterm, yo

Kinguchan: Kurara - yeah, go fail it yo! full speed ahead for four of us to try to do math that is 3 grades below us!

Killashawndra: Anrui - The love, darling. The love. ;_;

Kinguchan: Kurara - the love my ass. you stole my diet coke, yo
Kinguchan: Kurara - i need the coke man!!111

Killashawndra: Anrui - What kind of coke?
Killashawndra: ^_~

Kinguchan: Kurara - the diet make ed preggie coke yo
Kinguchan: ED - >_<

Killashawndra: Anrui - Oh, you can have it back, yo

Kinguchan: Ed - I'll cut you, bitch
Kinguchan: Roy - now now, don't wanna hurt the baby
Kinguchan: Al - but why is nii-san preggie?

Killashawndra: Ed - AAAAGH!

Kinguchan: Al - ::armor flail dance:: I don't understand!!!!!!!

Killashawndra: Roy - ::sneaks out door::

Kinguchan: Ed - yo, Al, when you're human again, we'll get you laid, and then you'll know that Roy is teh evil
Kinguchan: Al - that doesn't make sense O_o

Killashawndra: Ed - You don't need it to make sense!

Kinguchan: Roy - Why can't Ed be happy, like Hughes was?? ;-;

Killashawndra: Anrui - Ed doesn't like looking like a bowling ball

Kinguchan: Hawkeye - then wouldn't you be going around saying "I have a five month pregnant underage boyfriend????"

Killashawndra: :D

Kinguchan: Ed - what up, yo, it's now nine months. yeah, time fucking flies. i'm going into labor, so you ::points to Kurara and Anrui and the Diet Coke can:: get out of here and take the damn math test. math now, fic GAH!!!!!! MY WATER BROKE!!!

Killashawndra: Al - ::panics::
Killashawndra: Roy - ::panics smoothy::

Kinguchan: Hawkeye - ::kills Roy::
Kinguchan: Ed - O_O I"LL CUT YOU BI----FUCK!!!!
Kinguchan: Hawkeye - push Ed! PUSH!

Killashawndra: Hughes:: What the fuck is going on? Freaks/

Kinguchan: Armstrong - ::sparkles::

Killashawndra: Maes - Wanna see a picture of my daughter?
Killashawndra: Maes - Hey! our kids can play together!

Kinguchan: Roy - not now!!!!! Ed is teh pregnant!
Kinguchan: Al - ::fainted::

Killashawndra: Ed - You planned for this to happen, didn't you?

Kinguchan: Armstrong - ::sparkles;:
Kinguchan: Roy - ::grins::

Killashawndra: Ed - DAMN YOU!

Kinguchan: Roy - you are teh screwed :D

Killashawndra: Ed - ::grumbles::

Kinguchan: Ed no akachan - waaaaaaa
Kinguchan: Ed - WTF IS THAT??????
Kinguchan: Armstrong - it's a baby!!! ::sparkles::

Killashawndra: Roy - ::starts crying::

Kinguchan: Maes - what's it's name??
Kinguchan: Ed - what is it???

Killashawndra: Ed- Ummmm. Trisha!

Kinguchan: Armstrong -, masculine name... i think ::sparkles::
Kinguchan: Roy - my son, TRISH!

Killashawndra: Ed - SON?

Kinguchan: Roy - ::points at baby's wee wee:: see?

Killashawndra: Ed - I sure as fuck ain't namin' it Hoenheim?
Killashawndra: !

Kinguchan: Roy - yeah, cuz then his nickname would be "ho", yo

Killashawndra: Ed - No, you dumb shit!
Killashawndra: Ed - that's not why@
Killashawndra: @
Killashawndra: !

Kinguchan: Roy - i love you too, my sweet little Eddy pie

Killashawndra: Ed - ::faints from overload of blood to the head::

Kinguchan: Armstrong - ::sparkles::
Kinguchan: Winry - ;-;
Kinguchan: Winry - poor Al..... now he has two babies to take care of

Killashawndra: Maes - Umm....I know enough about pregnancy to know that fainting isn't good. >_>

Kinguchan: Armstrong - ::sparkles::

Killashawndra: Roy - All of you, out!

Kinguchan: Armstrong - ::draws a perfect portrait of the scene::

Killashawndra: Maes - I forgot how good you draw!

Kinguchan: Armstrong - ::makes Maes sparkle too cuz, well, he's cool like that, yo::

Killashawndra: Roy - I said OOUT!
Killashawndra: Roy - I want to spend time with my family!
Killashawndra: Ed - ....

Kinguchan: Trish - ::transmutates the blankets into diapers::

Killashawndra: Al - Baby? How did my brother make a baby?

Kinguchan: Roy - O_o
Kinguchan: Roy - when a man and a chibi love one another...

Killashawndra: Ed - SHUT UP!
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