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28 December 2004 @ 05:42 pm
More on the Fanfic Roundrobin  
Hiyoz, everyone! Hope you guys are all enjoying the holidays and got lots of FMA goodies ^__^ *throws Edo cakes*

Ahem, anyway, remember the fanfic roundrobin idea I suggested about a week ago? Click if you don't remember
Well, we have 18 writers participating so far...

Oh, and first story due in 3 weeks, and each story after would be due two weeks after the prev. fanfic =D. That should be enough time...

In the order of first to last writer, along with titles as determined via the method from the original post:
lukita - Serendipity
laney_y - Occasion
darkazriel - Wager
ravenbell - Shuffle
tressock - Divorce
melts - Burrow
xkesshoux - Indispensible
ladymetaka - Kafkaesque
holly_san - Juxtapose
evilhippo - Lament
riyuen - Route
nzmongoose - Campaign
wabisuke - Marmalade
shido - Effervescent
random_prophet - Ensconce
wiccat - Pique
darkenedsakura - Succulent
hellangelss - Eventuate
arisato - Hydromancy
sekido - Fidelity
sailormac - Oration
tasha_mac - Seven
lost_zeppo - Enervate
lanerose - Respondent
celira - Serpentine
kill_me_faster - Epitaph

If you are not on the list, but want to participate, post here with a number from 1 to 25, and I'll reply to tell you your title and update the list :).

Also, what kind of story do you guys want? I was thinking of just letting the first writer determine the mood, tone, direction of the story as a whole, and then each writer work from there. But, if you want the story to take a specific route...Here's a poll:

What type of fanfic do you want?

Drama (woot! angstfest XD;;)
Pairings and stuff related to pairings...
All genres mixed in
No genre - work with what the previous writers did
PS. For the comedy/crack option, that's more referring to the fanfic as a whole being light, happy and humorous, not total crack like "omgzthenhavocxarmstrongtheend!!!!111!" ^^;;
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Lorelei DiAngelokill_me_faster on December 30th, 2004 11:32 am (UTC)
Yes! I got Epitaph!

But am I ending? Or beginning? I think that was what I asked for. Oh, well, if I'm in the middle, it's okay, too.

I'll check back in a bit to see what's going on. (If I'm first, that means I've gotta get cracking.)
I run on coffee and impatiencemelts on December 30th, 2004 09:40 pm (UTC)
Ahh, you would be ending...^__^ "Epitaph" does sound like a fun title XD;;

Unrelated, but omg, icon love~
Lorelei DiAngelokill_me_faster on December 31st, 2004 08:16 am (UTC)
Arigatou! Yes, Gackt is 'Mizerable in L.A.'. I wish I had the Japanese channel...

Hooray for epitaphs! And your icon is cute too. We can have icon!love or something. Icon!porn! Whee!