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*waves* yo. asking for some help (i guess).

i am making a edward shrine, since i love him to death and think there really should be more fma sites out there (that, and i haven't seen any shrines yet...). for those who are curious, here's what it will look like (its still in process of course):

what i'm asking for is any kind of contribution of fanart or fanfiction anyone is willing to let me archive. i'm also willing to take scans from people with guide books and manga volumes *hinthint*. all fanarts and scans (if donated) will have watermarks on them containing the artist's name, website/lj (either or both, up to the artist) and whatever other information the artist would like to include. these watermarks can be either tranparent and over a part of the image (to prevent stealing) or dark and in the corner (to allow the best viewing of the image in question). fanfiction will have the authors name (and whatever information they want posted) pasted everywhere that i can find a spot for it.

fanfiction and art has to have edward in them, of course. he doesn't have to be the only character featured, but important in said work.

also, will trade links. please tell me if you want to be linked.

thank you in advanced.

(small pimpage; centralcity! fresh rpg with mods that swear we won't eat you 83)
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