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Greedy Fly songset, 1 Roy icon

I sacrificed cleaning my house this afternoon to make half of an icon song set for FMA. My mom's going to kill me.

Here's the end result: almost entirely taken from episode 7, with one from the very beginning of episode 8.


xxx xxx

(8) animated:

1.) xxxxxxxxxx 2.) xxxxxxxxxx 3.)

3.) xxxxxxxxxx 5.) xxxxxxxxxx 6.)

7.) xxxxxxxxxx 8.)

(3) stills:

1.) xxxxxxxxxx 2.) xxxxxxxxxx 3.)

(1) bases:


Other: (non-lyric)


Complete Lyrics: Bush - "Greedy Fly"

Do you feel the way you hate
Do you hate the way you feel
Always closest to the flame
Ever closer to the blade
I am poison crazy lush
Built these hands to lift me up
We are servants to our formulaic ways
I'm s c r e a m i n g s d a i s i e s
From 14 miles away
I've got my own time
Got it all today
Make up your mind
I need some help
To find this mind
Limbo this and limbo that
You were this and you were that
Ever know that what you fear is what you find
This Indian summer I signed my life away
There's a greedy fly in here
And I fly away (need some help)

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