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short fanfic: Late-night Report

Just a short little fanfic I couldn't help but write, one person in particular ought to know why~...

Title: Late-night Report
Summary: Roy is caught procrastinating on his report late one night...
Rating: PG (for very slight language at the end)
Warnings/Spoilers: None- no spoilers, not really any pairings other than what you make of it... *shrugs*

Look behind the cut or go here to read the fancier-formatted version.

Late-night Report
Based on a true story

Colonel Roy Mustang was reading. Or to tell the truth, he was carefully tucked away in a back room of the library very late one night and busily reading a book that happened to catch his fancy rather than working on the report he was to hand in the following morning.

"You're still here?"

Roy looked up from his reading to see Lieutenant Hawkeye frowning at him from the doorway. "Uh, yes, I am," he said after a moment’s pause, flinching slightly under the lieutenant’s steely gaze.

“I thought you had a report due tomorrow morning?”


“Err... yes?” Roy blanched as the lieutenant drew her gun. “Um, I’ll just finish this chapter and then I’ll get right on it?” Hawkeye said nothing, but merely sat down and began carefully cleaning her gun. The immediate threat gone for the moment, Roy relaxed a bit and resumed his reading, though not without being sure to keep a wary eye on the lieutenant.

Hawkeye continued to clean her gun, and Roy was soon engrossed in his reading once more. The room was absolutely silent, save for the soft clinking of metal pieces and the rustle of a page being turned.
Finally, the sounds of cleaning ceased, and Roy glanced up in time to watch the lieutenant reload her gun, all the while staring very pointedly in his direction.

“I’ll... I’m at the end of this chapter anyway, just a little more...” Roy said nervously, glancing quickly now between his book and Hawkeye’s gun.

The lieutenant said nothing, but raised her gun, flicking off the safety with a soft click.

Roy’s eyes went wide, the book dropped to the floor as he jumped up and reached for his pen and paper.

“A-alright, I just finished that chapter anyway, I’ll work on the report now!” he stammered as he hastily got to work. Hawkeye watched him a moment to be sure he was actually working, then holstered her gun and sat back to keep an eye on the errant colonel.

A couple hours and quite a bit of frantic work later, and Roy collapsed back into his chair with a sigh. “Done...” he said, closing his eyes in exhausted relief.

“Are you?” Hawkeye asked, leveling a stare at him.

“Yes!” Roy said emphatically. “Besides,” he said, rubbing his temples with one hand as he collected his papers, “I don’t think I could get much else down tonight, anyway.

“I’m going to get a few hours’ sleep while I still can,” he said, putting on his coat and heading for the door. “Good night, Lieutenant. ...and thank you.” he added as he stepped outside and walked quickly off. Hawkeye scowled after the hopeless procrastinator, but there was still a slight hint of an amused smile in her eyes.

* * *

The following afternoon, a certain sleep-deprived colonel was dozing off at his desk when he was interrupted by an almost overly friendly face.

“The lieutenant got you good last night, did she?” Hughes said, making himself comfortable on a corner of Roy’s desk. Roy sighed.

“You could say that...” he said. “Though I must admit I’m rather thankful she did. Even so, that woman can be downright frightening...”

Hughes laughed. “Now now, is that any way to talk about your dear lady-friend?” he teased, earning himself a glare from Roy.

“Maes, you know we aren’t... oh, never mind. Although, I still can’t figure out how she managed to find me, especially at that hour.”

“Quite the mystery,” Hughes agreed, nodding sagely. Roy gave him a thoughtful look, obviously pondering something.

“And speaking of mysteries,” he said, “how did you know about that, anyway? I know I certainly haven’t mentioned it to anyone...”

Hughes flinched. “Lucky guess?” he tried, but Roy shook his head in disapproval. “Maes...”

“Oh! Say, have I shown you the latest pictures of my dear Elysia?” he attempted to divert the conversation, but it was too late. Glaring at the lieutenant-colonel, Roy’s hand was already reaching to retrieve an item made of rough white cloth from his pocket.

“I mean it! You wouldn’t believe what she... oh sh--”

His words were cut short by the sound of a soft snap.

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