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Celebration of Roy-ness!

Not much of a celebration...but I just felt the need to use that word for some reason. o_O; Then again maybe it is a celebration! *Points to what she's listening to and her icon.* and....Roy fanart!

Wee one of the first Roy drawings I've done that's half-way worth posting! I don't know why or how I ended up drawing him this was completely random, I just started drawing something, and "Voila!" Ehehehehe it's 5:30 a.m...and I'm still awake...and drawing...and POSTING! I need to get some sleep. *Rawrs @ insomnia.* HATE! *Stomps on it.* I NEED sleep but I'm not the least bit sleepy! >.<; Err getting off subject...ahem...

I absolutely adore Roy, I mean, how can you not? Seriously. Sex. <3 *__*

So here we gooooo! Roy @ my DA page. ^^;

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