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Random pictures

Got bored in Chemistry class today, so I drew the Flamel sigil on my hand.

Used a sharpie with a thick and fine tip, and ballpoint pens. Which kept dying, annoyingly enough, because the room was so damn cold. >_> Screw this Michigan weather! And no, that's not trick lighting, photo manipulation, or just the camera flash tricking your eyes. My skin really is that pale. o_o

Also took some pics of a cool FMA pencil tin I got from Wizzywig's. ^__^ It's nice and big and perfect to put any kind of pencil/marker/pen/writing utensil in. Nine inches long, and it has a tray that comes out. Very nifteh. :D Put up links below so less of my bandwidth is eaten T3T


Ahh, what the hell am I doing? I should be studying for this thermodynamics test our sensei decided to chuck at us the day before Winter break. T^T (Yes, the winter break starts on the 24th and ends January 2nd-ish this year, because the school admins decided to be asshats and give us less time off. DAMN THEM! ><; *shakes fist*)

Oh well. I get in early tomorrow, so I can work on it then. Off to bed to read Battle Royale now~ <3

Edit いち ばん: Since quite a lot of people expressed interest, the site you can get the pencil case at is http://www.wizzywig.com/ for 9 USD plus shipping and handling. Or, you could just drive to Ann Arbor, Michigan like my friend and I did and get it there. XD
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