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Envy cosplay

Now to make up for my cranky sounding post, I bring some photo fun!

Note: headband worn in pictures is not the headband that goes with the cosplay. My Envy headband was still drying from shirt paint, and I was impatient (and freezing cold), so I didn't wait for it to dry before taking pictures.

Have a preview:

So I'm wearing a skirt? What of it? (I really wearing a skort-like thing. shorts with a skirt flap over them. I'll eventually get something more accurate--well, if I don't get too lazy.)

Me? Cute little me? THIS ugly thing? I'm so much prettier than this. -_-#

NOW we're talking! XD

See? Isn't this so much more fitting?

I could drag this twerp around like this all day....

Um. Insert commentary here.

I didn't have a lightpole. But I had a pole. And I had a light. >.>

Obligatory photo! Envy and Envy! XD

i r smexy?

How 'bout now?

Envy x Kitty OTP!

*sings* I feel pretty~

*still singing* Oh so pretty~

*and still singing* Oh so pretty, and witty, and GAY~ >.>

I r schmexy dammit! XO

Not having someone to take pictures for me sucks, but having a camera without a timer would suck even more...

For the few pictures I didn't share, go here:
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