Luna Hoshino (luna_hoshino) wrote in fm_alchemist,
Luna Hoshino

2) 恩愛 - Onai- Affection
3) 罪 - Tsumi- Crime/Sin
4) 敢闘- Kantou- Fighting Valiantly
5) ホムンクルス - Homunculus
6) 孤独 - Kodoku- Loneliness
7) 空転- Kuuten- Engines Racing
8) 残滓- Zanshi/Zansai- Remnants
9) 寥々- Ryouryou- Rarity
10) 春情- Shunjou- depending on how you want to interpret it, it can mean either "Spring Scenery" or "Lust." I kid you not.
11) 脈動- Myakudou- Pulse
12) 死生- Shisei- Life and Death
13) 神速- Shinsoku- Godspeed
14) 強欲- Gouyoku- Greed
15) 命脈- Meimyaku- Thread of Life
16) 露命- Romei- Ephemeral Existence
17) 悲憤- Hihun- Resentment
18) 感奪- Kandatsu?- Looks like another of their made-up kanji compounds...
19) 空虚- Kuukyo- Emptiness
20) 天涯- Tengai- Horizon
21) 無窮- Mukyuu- Immortality/Infinity
22) 久遠- Kyuuen/Kuon- Eternity
23) 絢爛- Kenran- Dazzling Beauty
24) 深い森- Fukai Mori- Deep Forest
25) ダンテ- Dante
26) 戒飭- I am TOTALLY not sure on this one. It's not a compound I've ever seen, nor is it listed in any of my dictionaries. It might be something that they just made up...
27) 啓示- Keiji- Apocalypse/Revelation
28) 憂国- Yuukoku- Patriotism
29) 追想- Tsuisou- Reminiscence
30) 扉の向こうへ - Tobira no Mukou e- Beyond the Door

Anyone got any ideas on their made-up compounds? ^^;;
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