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Character Survey(s?)!

Well, I was bored... And I thought it may be fun...


Name: Roy Mustang, Colonel</span></p>

Nicknames: Flame Alchemist, and I think I heard "Bastrad Taisa" from Fullmetal…


E-Mail :

Age: 30 29 ans

Date of Birth: 6 July 1885


Zodiac : Cancer

Height: 5 feet 8… Taller than Fullmetal


Hair: Black and silky

Eyes: Black

Where where you born? Central City

Where do you live? Central City


Favorite things to do: Not doing my paperwork, annoy Fullmetal, pick up ladies, make plans for when I’ll be Fuhrer !


Work: In the military, I’m a Colonel and a National Alchemist !

Siblings: One little and one big brother…


How are your parents? It’s been a while since I heard from them…


Did you have a happy childhood?  Pretty boring, but still happy

Who knows you best? Maes, and Hawkeye


What’s under your bed? Woman underwear… What is this doing here ? *fake surprised expression*


What are you wearing right now? My uniform… I’m supposed to be working.


The color of your socks? Hum, white, I think


Do you have a scar or a special mark? I have some scars from Ishbal, but nothing really special


What do you fear the most? It’s personal. But it has to do with war. And/or Hawkeye.


Do you believe in life after death? No. It has not been scientifically proven.
Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
Führer !
How many children would you like to have? None


Is the glass half-empty or half-full? Empty


The most embarrassing moment of your life? Hum, when Maes and I drank together for the first time… I made a fool of myself and I had the worst hangover I ever had.


Who do you hate the most ? The Führer … Scar, the homunculi… I dislike some of my comrades, too… Like Archer, and Kimbree


Do you sing ? Yes


Well ? Of course.


What would you do on a beach with no sand? I’m sure that cute girls in bikini would come, even if there’s no sand.


Have you ever…


Been near death ? Yes


Killed someone ? … No comment


Saved someone ? Maybe


Been very drunk ? ¬¬ A few times… It’s always been Maes’ fault.


Lied ? Everybody lie

Cheated  in a test? No

Gone behind a girlfriend/boyfriend’s back? In spite of what everybody might think, no


Fell from a balcony ? No... I don’t think so…




Red or blue ? Blue


Black or white ? Black


Green or yellow ? Green


Summer or winter ? Summer


Spring or Fall ? Fall


Hot or cold ? Hot, of course B-)


Chocolate or vanilla ? Vanilla


Dark or light ? Light


Rain or sun ? Sun. I hate the rain.


Day or night ? Night


Salt or pepper ? Hum ? Why ? It depends of what I’m eating, I suppose…


Sweet or bitter ? Bitter


Pensil or pen ? Pen… It’s what I use for paperwork


Pepsi or Coke ? What ?


Simple or double bed ? Double


Apple or peach ? Apple


Bath or shower? Shower.


Say the first thing that comes to your mind when I say…


Cow : Milk. A good weapon against Fullmetal


Feet : Boots.


Book : Alchemy


Yellow : Argh ! My eyes !!!!


Monster : Scar


Potatoe : Yummy


Clover : Bunny


Death : War x.x


Happyness : Seeing Fullmetal angry.


Cataplanbingbang : Ouch


Broccolis : Mother




Cereal : Hum, I don’t eat cereal for breakfast


Color : Blue


Month : September


Friends : Maes, Riza, Havoc, the guys from the office


Ennemies : Archer, Bradley, Scar


Fruit : Apple


Vegetable : Potato


Way of dying : Suicide… or burned


Feel free to do it (and of course post it!) for your favorite characters!

EDIT: I don't know why some lines showed up blue... I'm too lazy to edit all the HTML >.
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