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Fanart and link

1) I bring crap!art. :D

First is a rushed picture done for somebody's birthday so it's like woah!mistakes and kinda messy. XD;;

Second is a RoyEd shounen-ai pic, nothing too serious.

Both were done on Painter Classic and neither of the lj-cuts are fake or link to DA. I have no clue where the idea for the first one came from. Winry's kinda slapping Ed on the back and Al's nudging Ed..sort of. Poor humiliated Ed. XD

Anybody want to give captions? o_O

2) I have no clue if somebody posted the links yet, but episodes 4-6 dubbed are up (which is a good thing for people who live outside the US =_=;) I don't think anybody's mentioned them yet, shoot me if they were or if we're not allowed to post the links. x_x
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