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11 December 2004 @ 07:50 pm
Because chapter 42 rocks beyond all the words in this world (how Arakawa can fit so much plot and characterization in so little space never fails to astound me)....so....I made a script translation. Of course, I'm not that good to begin with, but I've tried to mark the places where I wasn't so sure about.

I have an exam in a week. I'm so dead. And so happy. It's just. That. Good.

EDIT : 12th December (local)
I have NO excuse, really. I forgot to translate one of Hoho-papa's best lines on page 5. Forgive me. *shweeps*

Page 1

Al : Eh!? Niisan still haven’t arrived at Resembool!?
Pinako : What’s with the ‘still’? Something happening there?
Al : We’re really in a bind here...we ran out of money for our lodgings, and I really, really want to repair my arm...
Pinako : Oh yes, Al! Something’s happened here!
Al : What?
Pinako : It’s true that Ed haven’t returned yet, but...
Al : Eh… ...Dad?

Page 2 & 3

Fullmetal Alchemist Chapter 42 : The Father Before The Grave

Page 4

Ed : Hohenheim...Van Hohenheim!?
Hoho-papa : Ed...ward?

Page 5

Hohenheim : Looks like you’ve grown up, haven’t you?
Ed : What’s with the doubtful look? *grit teeth tone of voice*
Hohenheim : You're quite famous in Central, aren't you? As the shortest State Alchemist in history?
Hohenheim : I heard from Pinako. You performed Human Transmutation?
Ed : ...why are you poking your head in just now!? (not sure)
Hohenheim : Now what’s with calling your father a bastard?
Ed : Calling a bastard a bastard is enough! If we aren’t in front of mom’s grave, I’m going to hit you where you stand!
Hohenheim : Trisha...why did she die...?
Ed : Why? Why, my ass! It’s because all the hardships you put her through!

Page 6

Hohenheim : It’s just a little...just a little more...
Ed : A little? A little what!? You planning to trouble her more than you did!?
Hohenheim : And we promised...
Ed : Do you have any idea how hard it is for a woman to raise a family alone!?
Hohenheim : Trisha...don’t leave me alone...
Ed : The one who left is YOU! ...ARGH, he’s not listening!
Ed : Even if you come back now, there’s nowhere to return to! Why did you come back!?
Hohenheim : Ah, yes...my house...why did you burn it? Nothing...there’s nothing left now, is there?
Ed : We decided we couldn’t go back. So it’s best if we don’t have a home to return to. That’s our resolve---
Hohenheim : That’s not it.

Page 7

Hohenheim : Your mistake. Wasn’t it because you don’t want to look back and see it?
Hohenheim : Do you want to run away from your bad memories? To erase all the traces of the sin you committed?
Ed : ...No!
Hohenheim : Just like how a child who wetted his bed would hide the sheets away.

Page 8

Hohenheim : So you ran, Edward.
Ed : What would you understand!?
Hohenheim : I do understand.
Ed : Talking to you’s getting on my nerves!
Hohenheim : Didn’t you come to visit the grave?
Ed : I’m too pissed to be in the mood!
Ed : Don’t follow me!
Hohenheim : You’re going back to Pinako’s house, aren’t you? Since I’m also going there, it can’t be helped.

Page 9

Hohenheim : ...You’ve grown your hair long? Just like me.
Hohenheim : He’s just like my younger self.

Page 10

Hohenheim : ...

Page 11

Hohenheim : About that Human Transmutation attempt...why didn’t anyone scold them?
Pinako : Who could’ve done that in those circumstances? You’re the father. Don’t you dare scold him.
Hohenheim : ... I don’t know which way to do that.
Pinako : Why didn’t you call even once!? Trisha had always been waiting!

Page 12

Pinako : Those kids, too! If they had their father, they wouldn’t have thought of creating their mom! It’s just sad, that those children had to see their mother die all over again.
Hohenheim : Create their mother...huh?
Hohenheim : ...Pinako. You’re the one who cleaned up the result of their failed Human Transmutation, right?
Pinako : Aah.
Hohenheim : Is what you saw really Trisha?

Page 13

Pinako : Didn’t I tell you already? It didn’t have a human shape. To compare to Trisha is...
Hohenheim : That’s not what I mean. I mean things like the color of her eyes, the voice, or the color of her hair...
Pinako : ...What do you mean? That it wasn’t Trisha...? You’re saying that those boys traded their bodies to create something that has nothing to do with them!? How could there be something that terrible!?

Page 14

Pinako : Ed! You still sleeping!? Your old man’s leaving here!
Pinako : Should I go and wake him?
Hohenheim : It’s all right. If we waste time, I’d be late for the train. Thanks for everything.

Page 15

Hohenheim : Can I have this photograph?
Pinako : If you like it, you can take any of those things.
Hohenheim : No, just one is fine.
Hohenheim : This is the only one the four of us took together.
Hohenheim : Pinako...you’re really a good gal. You never look at me with any doubt or suspicion even if I have never changed a bit from back then, and you still welcome me the same way you did before. As thanks, I’ll tell you something helpful.
Pinako : ?

Page 16

Hohenheim : Terrible things are going to happen to this country soon. Go away while you still can.
Pinako : ...bad things have been happening in this country for years. Why escape just now? Besides, some people call see this place as where they’ll always return to.
Hohenheim : ...Well, I warned you.

Page 17

Pinako : Hohenheim! Come back for dinner every once in a while, you hear?
Hohenheim : Sorry, Pinako. It would be impossible to eat your food again...

Page 18

Lin : Father?
Al : Yes. He went somewhere unknown ten years ago, but it looks like dad’s came back to the countryside now.
Lin : Is it okay to not go see him?
Al : Hmmmm...even if I meet him, I wouldn’t know what to say, so.
Lin : You hate him?
Al : It’s...not exactly the same as hate. I don’t remember enough of him to hate...but I do want to talk to him about alchemy. After all, I think I’ve read the books he left quite thoroughly...(not sure)
Al : *frustrated noises)

Page 19

Al : The problem is Niisan. He probably refuses dad too completely to talk to him about alchemy. (Note : Not sure) In the worst case scenario---he might end up punching him…
Winry : That’s not hard to imagine at all...
Al : Are you close to your father, Lin?
Lin : ...Close or not, I’ve never talked to my father.
Al : S...sorry! Is it something we shouldn’t ask?
Winry : Umm…my condolences?
Lin : Would you be so kind as to not assume facts about my life?
Lin : He’s an Emperor. That’s not someone you could talk to lightly.

Page 20

Winry : ...Emperor? Of Xing?
Lin : Yep.
Al : Then, you’re an Imperial Prince?
Lin : Yep.
Winry : (non-balloon) Imperial Prince...
Al & Winry : HIS IMPERIAL HIGHNESS!? (Lit : “Prince”, with kana on the side as Pu-rin-su. Artistic liberty taken)
Lin : (in Xingian) Lan Fan, are they thinking I’m an idiot?
Lan Fan : Is it all right to kill them?
Lin : So it’s surprising to this sort of common place? (not sure)
Winry : No...sorry...it’s just too much...(not sure)

Page 21

Lin : See, if someone becomes my bride, she’d be the future Empress? With a veritable palanquin of jewels?
Winry : *somewhat laughing*
Lin : How about it, Winry-chan, would you want to become one of my---
Winry : No, I can’t. This country still has someone who needs me. *heart* (kanji reads : mechanic. Ed/Winry guage...rising...)
Lin : Right, that’s right. *heart*
Lan Fan : Young Master!
Al : ...but, what would happen to the people at the palace if you die out here?
Lin : Oh, it’s not worth anything, really. There’s more than 20 Imperial Princes around, right?
Lan Fan : The official count lists 24 princes and 19 princesses, young master.
Lin : Xin a country is made of an assemblage of more than 50 minor tribes. The head of each family would send their daughter to be the Emperor’s concubine and bear his child.

Page 22

Lin : My mother was the representative of the Yao clan. She married the Emperor and gave birth to me. I’m his twelfth son. It’s enough of a position to make me legitimate in the line for the throne. (not sure)
Winry : Tw...
Al : What about the succession rights?
Lin : Yes, that’s the problem we’re facing right now.
Lin : The current Emperor has recently taken to illness. No matter how you look at it, he wouldn’t live long. So, every clan in Xing have started to dispatch troops to destroy each other. They’re all desperate to have the next Emperor from their Houses.
Al : I see...it looks like you’re going to die, so you’re looking for immortality...

Page 23

Al : Eh? But if Lin goes back with the secret of immortality, wouldn’t the Emperor stay alive, too?
Winry : Then Lin’s turn for the throne would never come, wouldn’t it?
Lin : Didn’t I say that the current Emperor doesn’t have long to live? If I return with ‘Something similar to Immortality’, he would be delighted, only temporarily, and that’s good. For lengthening his life, my family’s status would grow, if only a little. After that, I’ll seize the throne myself.
Lin : I came to this country with the fate of 50,000 people in the Yao family resting in my hands, relying on some legends about the Philosopher’s Stone.
Lin : And then I learned of you.

Page 24

Lin : A soul fixed to a body of iron. You, who have no body that can be destroyed, is the closest thing to immortality.
Al : *laughs* That’s useless, Lin.
Al : It’s doubtful whether humans are made to be immortal. (This line came from putting kanjis together and making a wild guess)

Page 25

Al : It’s like a ticking time bomb, this body.
Doctor : Yo.
Roy : Hi. So what’s wrong?
Doctor : My hips. As a professional, I’m a creaking old man with trouble standing up.

Page 26

Doctor : I went because I heard it’s you who roasted that ‘thing’. (not sure) What are you scheming this time?
Roy : ...So knowing it’s a scheme, you concluded that ‘it’ was Lt. Ross?
Doctor : I told you. ‘Roast it better’. For a corpse, the arms’ angle are definitely odd. It’s only because the teeth matches that I could conclude it was Lt. Ross. If the doctor was somebody else, it’s going to be a close call.
Roy : Wasn’t there a huge conflagration at one of the military factories on the day Lt. Ross escaped?

Page 27

Roy : There were a lot of casualties who burned to death. You’re the expert on roasted bodies, I thought you’d have to be on duty.
Doctor : ...That’s surprising. You had me in mind since the beginning, even though we haven’t met since Ishvar?
Roy : We’re war comrades, after all.
Doctor : Isn’t calling us ‘war comrades’ a bit of a misnomer?
Doctor : So it’s really been a long time, huh? You burn them, and I do the autopsy.
Doctor : Ishvar was, after all, just one big laboratory for human experiments.

Page 28

Doctor : We’re not war comrades. Just accomplices.
Voice : Mr. No-cks.
Doctor : Coming.
Doctor : If you keeping pulling these stunts of yours, it’ll backfire on you someday.
Roy : ...It already did.

Page 29

Doctor : The Anatomy of the Spinal Chord...
Doctor : Somebody got that?
Roy : My subordinate was injured at the spinal chord, and his lower half is paralyzed. Something wrong? (not sure)
Doctor : The spinal chord, huh...it’ll be difficult for him to return to the military.

Page 30

Breda : Havo. (This seems to be Havoc’s nickname) The ashes.
Havoc : Ah...and they only allow one per day...
Havoc : So did she get away?
Breda : Ahh. There were no hitches. I’ve just submitted a report to the Colonel. It may move things a bit.
Havoc : I see. That’s good.

Page 31

Breda : ...You legs. You can’t move them?
Havoc : Ahh.
Breda : Ha...[I am retiring because of a woman stabbed me, sir]? That’s funny. Can’t you get an automail like the Fullmetal boss?
Havoc : The paralysis blocks all the nervous signals, so it’s useless.
Breda : ...Hey.
Havoc : Ah?

Page 32

Breda : Retired life doesn’t suit you!
Breda : Colonel, sir, have you read the my report?
Roy : No, I still haven’t read it.
Breda : It’s about Havoc’s legs. There’s a Doctor Marcoh around.

Page 33

Roy : An alchemist specializing in medicine, with the Philosopher’s Stone!
Breda : Can you extend my vacation time?
Roy : Whatever needs to be done. Go!
Kid : Ow...owowowow!
Marcoh : Now, now, it’s over. You got through it wonderfully.

Page 34

Boy : Thank you, Mauro-sensei! (not a misspelling on my part)
Marcoh : Take care of yourself.
Marcoh : Now, how about a break...
Voice : Sensei! Mauro-sensei!
Maroh : Yes...! ...what business would the military have with me?
Breda : Mauro...no, Doctor Marcoh. Please come out.

Page 35

Marcoh : You’ve got the wrong person. I am...
Breda : Don’t try that. You’re the one who created the Philosopher’s Stone, Doctor Marcoh.
Marcoh : I don’t know what you mean. Please go back.

Page 36

Breda : Whoa! What are you trying to do, Doctor? Isn’t it a bit rude to an old friend who came to visit?
Marcoh : It can’t be...you’re...

Page 37

Envy : Long time no see, Doctor. I’m glad you remember me. Seems like you took care of Lust a while back.
Envy : Hnnn...it’s a dinky clinic like she said. Had you remain in the military, you’d get a perfect laboratory, too. I don’t get why you like this place...
Gluttony : Lust...I can smell Lust...
Marcoh : Why did you come here!?

Page 38

Envy : Don’t make that sort of scary face. There’s no reason to eat you, is there? In truth, we recently lost a few game pieces, and that’s really troublesome.
Envy : Won’t you come to work with us again, Doctor? Come to Central!
Marcoh : P...please forgive me...!!
Envy : No, you cannot refuse. Lust told you. In the case you start to have strange ideas...

Page 39

Envy : This village would be wiped clean off the map, or so...!!
Marcoh : No...stop it...please...I’d sooner have you kill me...!!
Envy : You think you’d escape by dying? How naïve.
Envy : The Ishvarians, the prisoners with death sentences...for the Stone you killed them all, huh, Doctor?
Envy : This! This little happy living place, too! It has no right to peace with death!

Page 40

Envy : All right? Get any weird ideas or resist and this village’s gone. Also, if you try to kill yourself, it’s gone too.
Envy : There’s just one choice, to make it easy for you. How about it? Let’s be easy of understanding, shall we?
Envy : Now, let’s go back together.

Page 41

Breda : Doctor! Doctor! Are you in!?
Breda : Damn, is my coming here going to be pointless?
Breda : Excuse me, but is this the doctor’s clinic?
Dude : Eh? Didn’t you just go in to see Sensei not long ago?
Breda : Not long ago?
Dude : Why? You forgot something?

Page 42

Breda : No, this is the first time I’ve come here.
Dude : But there’s that guy with the military uniform here a while back?
Breda : Dammit---

Page 43

Breda : Damn it all!

My thoughts :

- Hoho-papa rocks beyond all words. HOHOPAPALOVE. He doesn't seem to be an entirely good guy, though....but Teh Trisha. *sniff*
The person Ed brought back wasn't Trisha.....that adds an entirely new layer of angst to the story. Ed wouldn't tell Al, probably, but I wonder what his reactions would be....it has to be extremely shocking to know that everything they did up to this point was ultimately pointless. And Hoho-Papa reads Ed like a book, doesn't he?
- I don't know what to make of Pinako. It SHOULD have been strange to have your drinking buddy when you were young have kids with a girl approximately half your age, and then see him come back when his children have grown up, not changed in the slightest. It should've been stange a LONG time ago.
- Lin totally surprised me. I thought he was a nobleman's son, but the twelfth son of the Emperor? And what's with narrow-eyed people with female bodyguards who has big plans of governance? That seems to be a bit of a running theme in the character list. =P His plans, though, are entirely human. I wuv Lin more than I already did now. ^_^
- Roy----is another big surprise, threefold. He actually knew the Doctor and planned for it, for one. He didn't mind killing innocent people to attain his goal, for the second. And for the third....Manga!Ishvar emotional impact >>>>>>>>>>>>> Anime!Ishvar. Roy's job there was not as a soldier.......but a friggin' burning machine/scientist-thing!? (That explains a lot) The angst was expected, but it's so like him to try to look for ways to heal Havoc himself, even if he sucks at healing. Ah. Manga!Colonel and Anime!Colonel would be totally shocked to meet each other, now...
- I love Breda. Is there not a fanclub for Breda?
- So the Stone that Marcoh made is involved in the making of the Homunculi? If that's true, it adds quite an interesting twist....

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Saya Aenslandsaya_aensland on December 11th, 2004 05:23 am (UTC)
I kinda like Knocks (the autopsy doctor). I seem to have a thing for the bitter types...

Thank you for the translation! ^^
chihayablankpapers on December 11th, 2004 05:44 am (UTC)
Thanks so much for the translation. XD
Yuuki Hikari: StopTheRainyuukihikari on December 11th, 2004 05:48 am (UTC)
Ohhhh thank you SO much for the translation *luv*

... Havoc is paralized ;.; that so sucks.

HOHOPAPA <3. My love for him is through the roof. I can't wait to get more of him *hopes that whatever foreshaddowing he just did comes along really soon* X3

... if what he said of the Trisha Transmutation is true... ee x.x Edward.
bluesky_complex on December 11th, 2004 06:02 am (UTC)
Thank you for the translation! ^___^*hugs*

Dude, I love so much how Arakawa develops her characters... you can hardly hate any of them <3
And poor Havoc, I feel so sorry for him. ;_;
Pi: happylukita on December 11th, 2004 06:42 am (UTC)
Thanks for the translation.
sherrq on December 11th, 2004 07:13 am (UTC)
thankyuu! :* :gives ya a cookie:
man, i love this manga more and more! Hoe-chan is <3 yes, he is. and Ling xDDD this guy is awesome. Arakawa = genius.
e n v y ME?envylicious on December 11th, 2004 08:38 am (UTC)
thank you so much :D
maboroshi_hime on December 11th, 2004 08:39 am (UTC)
*kisses* I love you for translating! ^____,^
billypilgrim on December 11th, 2004 09:06 am (UTC)
Knocks is really cool, I'm glad he came back. Whenever Havoc is brought up being paralyzed, I keep on seeing him Winston Churchill stle. Wheelchair with a blanket over his legs, and a bowler.

Ling being a the emperops son is priceless. But, with your translation, I think they said "PU RIN SU" to make the pun on "Lin/g" being in "Prince", atleast in Japanese. The whole Trisha thing is confusing me, and I really hope it's not anime!Sloth.
miscellanycelira on December 11th, 2004 09:12 am (UTC)
...You rock. Like, a lot. X3
Russia's greatest love machinerandom_prophet on December 11th, 2004 09:52 am (UTC)
Breda, Ling, and Ho-Ho-papa are love. XD

I dunno what to think about Hohenheim. On one hand, he seems involved in some shifty go-betweens, but on the other, he seems like a pretty nice guy. Maybe he isn't the Father, but they're of the same ethnicity(or the same family) and Hohy knows his plans and is either working with or against him.
billypilgrim on December 11th, 2004 10:07 am (UTC)
I mean, Father leaving, and then Hohenheim showing up has to say something..
reversing the polarity of the neutron flow: hughes. fma [what a wonderful world]x meshinraisei on December 11th, 2004 10:27 am (UTC)
Trisha not being the one who ended up in the center of the circle...tchhh. Not a pretty thought.

On the coroner...I think we can say the possibility of his names are Nox, Knocks, Nocks or Nokks. I'm wondering if Roy had an indirect contribution with the creation of the Philosopher's Stone with Marcoh. And probably in the next few chapters, we're going to see a return of the Father and perhaps see if we can try and draw more conclusion on who he could be?

You're right though, Breda needs a fanclub...
Marikaitou_marina on December 11th, 2004 12:00 pm (UTC)
I'd write it as Knox. All the other ways look freaky weird to me XD
Mariana: Bringing Flowers to Riza  =Dmaliza on December 11th, 2004 10:33 am (UTC)
I wanna have ur babies *hugs*
Interesting chapter... *goes back to her corner and waits till the next one T.T*
buraha on December 11th, 2004 10:36 am (UTC)
Wow, great translation <3333333333 Thanks so much <<<<3333

(wtf arakawa-sensei, plot explosion~~~ <3)

Somehow I think what Roy did in Ishvar in the anime is going to be miniscule compared to what manga!roy had to do ;___;
jubilee 究裨理 / 樹琵理慰jubileerain on December 11th, 2004 11:56 am (UTC)
thanks for the translation! I can't believe papa would leave so soon. He comes back, & then leaves again. This guy has too many secrets. I wish Al got a chance to speak to him.
I run on coffee and impatiencemelts on December 11th, 2004 01:08 pm (UTC)
Thank you for the translation!! You have no idea how much I appreciate this...considering I spent much part of my afternoon trying to guess at all the meanings based on the Chinese characters...

HOHO~~ Excuse me for a moment of fangirling >>;;
She and her Catwednesday_tea on December 11th, 2004 07:06 pm (UTC)
You know, I am SO tempted to make my own amateur scanlation based on this. Thanks a ton! Edward= :((((
Rhelrabidtanukichan on December 11th, 2004 11:13 pm (UTC)
Hoho is awesome!
I am however, left unsatisfied with another semi-cliffy thing. ENVY!!!

Oh and thanks for the translation, otherwise I'd have been completely lost.