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Episode 4 transcription and comparison Part1 (finally)

Better late than never?

This is a fan's work, soley for the purpose of comparing the changes being made to the script and show as a whole from the perspective of a fan who has been following the fansub and the original japanese dialogue. It is not meant to disrespect Funimation or Adult Swim in any way, nor the hard working actors, translators, writers, directors and other staff working under them. The compiler of this piece understands that a lot of hard work goes into producing a dubbed work, such as timing and lip movements, and the comments are merely attempting to hypothesize and explain, while perhaps offering a bit of constructive criticism.

Once again, the subtitles are copied from Anime-Keep/Anbu's translation thanks to Gundamnook, the japanese is written in Italics and is transcribed from the subtitled episodes as heard by me, and the dub script is taken from listening to the episodes airing on Adult Swim. As an interpretation, most grammar, punctuation and word issues are based on the way I hear it, rather than the way it was possibly written.


On that fateful day when we decided to go on a journey... we burned our house.
tabidachi wo kimeta kono hi... bokutachi ha, ie wo yaita.
On the day we left, we burned down the family home. And all the familiar things inside. Because some memories aren't meant to leave traces.
[The original version was slightly changed, and thusly re-recorded. The dubbed line stays the same as it was in episode 3]


Al, was that okay with you?
Al... hontou ni yokatta no ka?
Al, you're okay with this, right?


I'm worried about whether you regret leaving the village.
mura wo dette, koukai shiterun ja nai ka tte...
I mean leaving everything behind. You don't have regrets do  you?

What are you talking about, Brother? I made this choice. Aren't you the one who's sad about this?
nani itterundayo niisan? kore ha jibun de kimeta koto nandakara. hontou ha niisan no hou ga sabishiin ja nai no?
There's no turning back now. And remember, I'm the one who insisted on coming with you. Besides, we both know you'll miss home more than I will.

I'm excited. I'm going to become a National Alchemist, after all. Me.
eh... ore ha wakukaku shiteru sa! nanse, kokka renkinjutsushi ni narun dakara na. kono ore ga!
Good riddance, that's what I say! Cause you know who's on his way to becoming a state alchemist: me!

I feel the same way. I'm going to fix your body.
boku datte onaji kimochi da yo. niisan no karada wo naoshiteyarun dakara.
Me too! And when I become a state alchemist, the first thing I'll do is fix your body.

It's okay. Just think about yourself.
iindayo! omae ha jibun no koto dake kangaeteireba
I told you, Al, that's not your burden. You just have to take care of yourself.

But what do you need to do to become a National Alchemist? What kind of training do you need...?
demo dousureba kokka renkinjutsushi ni nareru no ka na? donna shigyou sureba?
I wonder how one goes about becoming a state alchemist. Do you think we'll have to take a test?


If he has still retained his life after attempting human transmutation... he is very interesting. He might be able to become an excellent National Alchemist.
jintai rensei wo hakkate nao inochi wo toritometa no datoshitara... kyoumi bukai. ii kokka renkinjutsushi ni nareru kamoshiren na.
Whatever it was I'm happy I came. If these boys can try human alchemy and survive, I gotta tell you, their dad just dropped a rung on my priority list.
[This line, however, is re-recorded from episode 3, as the dialogue is slightly changed.]


Anyway, I'll see that Roy person first. Don't worry! With my talent, it'll be a cinch!
Are you worried about Winry?
tonikaku, ano Roy te hito ni atte miru sa. na~ni, ore no afuren bakkari no sainou ga areba, chochoi no choi daze!
...kininaru no ka, Winry no koto?
Whatever it takes I'm sure Mustang will guide us through it. Ehahah! What am I stressing for, Al! With talent like mine... this will be a cake walk for me!
...What? Are you thinking about Winry?
[Ed's last line doesn't quite have the right emotion. He sounds a little more interrogating. I chalk it up to all the times Winry was yelling at Al last episode. ^^ (Blatant Al fan)]

[no sigh here in japanese]


It can't be helped. Those two made the decision. I am sure they will come back when they have matured.
shikatta nai sa. ano futari ga kimeta koto da. kitto otona ni natte kaete kuru yo.
There's nothing we can do. Those stubborn boys made their choice. But they'll realize their mistake and come back home.
[Interesting change here. I suppose you could possibly pull that interpretation out of the original Japanese line, but it seems a lot more natural to take what she's saying literally. It sounds rather negative here.]

Ed... Al...
I hope so... I really do...
[Cute/crazy change. I wonder if this comes from Ed and Al being two syllables in Japanese and only one in English? ^^]


People cannot gain anything without sacrificing something.
You must present something of equal value to gain something.
That is the principle of equivalent trade in alchemy.
We believed that was the truth of the world when we were young.

hito ha nanika no gisei nashi ni, nani mo eru koto ha dekinai.
nanika wo eru tame ni ha douto no daika ga hitsuyo ni naru.
sore ga, renkinjutsu ni okeru touka koukan no gensoku da.
sono koro bokura ha, sore ga sekai no shinjitsu datto shinjiteita.

Humankind cannot gain anything without first giving something in return.
To obtain, something of equal value must be lost.
That is alchemy's first law of equivalent exchange.
In those days, we really believed that to be the world's one and only truth.
[Not dub related, but this is the last 'alternate' version of the speech as they are playing a different instrumental (Bratja?) here than 'Equivalent Exchange']


Opening - Melissa
Opening - Ready Steady Go


Transmutation of Love
Ai no Rensei
A Forger's Love


Brother, do you know which train to transfer on?
niisan, norikae no resha ha wakkateru no?
Brother, do you know what time our next train leaves?

Yeah, it arrives tomorrow morning at 9. Sleep until then.
aah, ashita no asa kuuji da. sore made nettoke.
Yeah, not till tomorrow morning. Let's get some shut eye.
[They leave out the part about the train leaving at nine. I didn't actually think it was that major of a loss at first, but as it turns out, when they mentioned missing the 9:00 train in Ep5, it really stood out to me (crazy enough, despite how many times I've seen the show, I never caught that it was the same train till then ^^;;) and now I'm kind of surprised they took it out of here. I think it would have been nice to tie the episodes together.]

My bag!
aaaah! watashi no bag!
Aaah! My purse! He stole my purse!

Break's over.

[It just goes to show that even a simple statement can be read three different ways.]

That was too easy. A kid? Go to sleep!
What is this...?
heheh! choroi mon daze! gaki ka yo? otonashiku nennansho!
eh? nanda! uwa!
Heh! It's almost too easy. Huh? Off to bed with you... like good little boys now!
Huh? What the?

Why don't you rest here?
omae koso koko de neneshi na.
I think you're the one who crawled out of the crib too early.

uso... ("you're kidding me...")
[no sub or dub line]

Well done. That was impressive. Is that mysterious power alchemy?
omigoto. iya, taishta mono da. ima no fushigi na chikara ha renkinjutsu ka ne?
Nicely done! Now that was something else. Your trick there wouldn't be what they call alchemy would it?

maa ne.

To think that boys like you are alchemists... The only alchemist around here is Majhal.
ooh, kimi tachi no youna shonen ga renkinjutsushi to ha. kono atari de renkinjutsushi to ieba majihal kurai no mon jakara na.
Hmm. To think kids your age are could be such acomplished alchemists already. Around these parts the only alchemist I ever get to see is old Majhal.

Majhal, huh?

Yeah. He helps people with his knowledge of alchemy. He is praised by many.
oo. renkinjustu de nando mo hitotasuke wo shiteru koto de no. sonke sareteru rashi.
Yep. They say he does great things for people with his alchemy. Like you boys did. He's quite well respected.

Where is he?
sono hito ha, doko ni?
Where can we find him?

Oh, the village next to us. But you shouldn't go right now. There are bad rumors spreading about the place. The dead come back to life and attack people of the village.
e, ah. tonari no mura da. daga, ima wo iku no ha yameta hou ga ii. fukitsu no uwasa ga nagarete irunda. sono mura de shisha ga yomigaeri, murabito wo ouso to iu uwasa ga na.
Oh, the next town over. But you really don't want to go there right now, boys. I heard it's become a dangerous place. They say the dead have risen from their graves, and are sending the villagers to them.


Do you know this Majhal person, Brother?
shiteru no, niisan? sono majihal te hito no koto?
Why are you so interested in meeting this Majhal person, Brother?

No, but... I think I saw his name in one of Dad's letters.
iyaa, tada, aitsu no tegami no naka de onaji namae wo mitta koto ga aru.
That name. That same name kept popping up all over those old letters.
[Taking a little liberty perhaps with how much Majhal talked to Hohenheim?]

tousan no?
You mean dad's letters?

There was something about human transmutation written in it. If he is the same person, we should meet him.
tashika jintai rensei ni tsuite kaita atta hazu da. moshi doitsu jinbutsu nara, attemite sou ha nai darou?
Yeah. And if I remember, he wrote about human transmutation. I figure if it's the same Majhal it can't hurt to pay him a visit.

Yes. I think this will be a nice journey.
un! nanka ii tabi ni narisou da ne!
Yeah! I have a feeling this is going to be good trip.

You seem happy...
omae, myou ni ureshisou ja nai ka? ("Aren't you almost unusually happy?")
What's wrong? You seem almost happy?
[The teeny line change works out fine here, especially given the way Ed says it, but they tie it back in later with a sort of bizarre comment on Al's character that doesn't seem right.]

What? Because, we cought that thief and everyone complimented us. How should I say this... I'm happy that our knowledge of alchemy helped someone.
e? datte, hitakuri wo tsukamaete, minna ni homerarete... nante iu ka, bokura no renkinjutsu ga minna no yaku ni tatta no ha ureshiku tte.
Huh? Well, we did snag that purse snatcher, and then everyone was so grateful to us. I guess I'm just starting to see how alchemy has the power to make other people's lives a little bit better.


Brother, are you okay?
niisan daijoubu?
Are you alright, Brother?

I'm not okay... the seat was hard, and it shook a lot. You're okay?
daijoubu ja nee yo. issu ha kattai shi, sugee yurerushi. omae, heiki nano ka?
Yeah, I'm just peachy. I love turbulent carriage rides and seats as soft as granite. It didn't bother you? At all?


Man... look at all those decorations. Is there going to be some sort of festival?
haa. sore ni shitemo, sugee kazari tsuketa na. matsuri demo aru no ka?
Will you look that? Someone's throwing a party, with torches and everything! But they forgot to invite us.
[Probably my favorite crazy line of the dub. I'm surprised this wasn't up at desert_hate for all the way Ed says it. The original the line looks a little weird itself, because the festival ground is hardly 'decorated' at all, except those torches.]

Shoot, it went in the direction of the village...
yabee! mura no hou e ichimatta yo!
That one got a little too close to the village.

CLAUSE [Spelled Klose in Ani-Keep. As it is Clause on the official Japanese site, I'm going with that. Although I think I saw "Claus" somewhere...]
What are you doing?! This is a restricted area since we're testing the fireworks.
naniyatten da yo! koko ha tachiiri kinshi da! hanabi no yoko renshuchu dakara na.
You aren't supposed to be here, this place is off limits. You could get yourself killed. We're in the middle of testing fireworks for the...

Fireworks? What is that?
ha-hanabi? nanda soriya?
Yeah. We noticed that.
[They run Clause's line into Ed's reaction to make him interrupt her. Not a bad change. Depends on whether you favored the implication that Ed's never seen fireworks before or not though. ^^]

Fireworks for the festival, of course! I haven't seen you people from around here.
matsuri no hanabi ni kimatteru darou! anta-tachi, mikakenai kao da ne.
They're for the festival. I'm in charge. Hey, you guys aren't from around here are you?

What's with this guy? He's dressed weird.
nanda koitsu! hen na kakko shiyagate!
What is this ugly thing? Some kind of a giant robot from the future?
[Chalk one more up to Al being referrenced as a robot. Is this going to become a running joke? Not everyone may see it this way, but the implication of the word 'robot' may sort of break the world view/fourth wall they've set up. Yes, the world has automail, but considering the usage of 'robot' in english is dated slightly later than the date the series has set for itself, conflicts start to happen. (Ignores ep48...)]

Quit it.

Do it. It seems like fun.
fu, yarunda? omoshiroi jan. ("You wanna do it?" (<fight) "Seems like fun.")
Show'em how we... welcome strangers.
[Cute use of the mouth movements here.]

[Nothing here in Japanese] back...

We did it! They're so weak.
yatta. yowee
Heh, we sure showed them!

What are you doing?
nani wo shiteiru?
What's going on here!

You're Majhal?
anta ga...Majhal?
You must be...Majhal.


This is amazing. You affixed his soul onto the armor quite well.
hou... kore ga sugoi. migoto na tamashi no teichaku da.
Such fine workmanship. That's truly an impressive spirit attachment.

He knows the secret, Brother!
miryokarechatta yo, niisan!
He knows about me, Brother!

I expect nothing less from Hohenheim's son. Looks like you have inherited his great talent. Now, what can I do for you? If it's a request coming from the sons of my best friend... I must try my best to fulfil it.
sasuga hohenheim no musoko-san da. dou yara, iidai no sainou wo uketsui da rashii. satte, watashi ni nan no you ka na? shinainaru yuujin no musuko-san tachi no tanomi to atte ha, kikanuwake ni ha ikumae.
I'd expect nothing less from the sons of Hohenheim. Apparently you've inherited his great talent. Now then, tell me what I can do for you boys today? Surely you've come here seeking something particular, and I can't very well disappoint the sons of a dear friend.

I want to hear about human transmutation. It was written in one of your letters.
aitsu ni dashita tegami no naka no, jintai rensei ni tsuite kikikaindakedo.
I've read the letters you wrote to my dad. I want to know more about human transmutation.

Human transmutation? You know that it is forbidden, correct?
jintai rensei? kinjirareteru koto ha, wakateiru desho.
No doubt you're aware... that human alchemy is strictly forbidden by the laws of the state.

Well... but I want to... I want to return Al's body back to him.
sore ha...demo koitsu no... Al no karada wo motto ni modoshite yaritainda!
Yeah I know... but I don't care! I will return my brother to his body!
[Behold as Ed in Japanese uses 'koitsu' for his brother and not 'otouto' or just saying 'Al' -_- See, I don't poke at -just- the English script. For what it's worth, Vic sounded good here to make up for it. ^^]

It costs a great deal to perform a human transmutation. I understand your feelings, but only God is permitted to perform such a thing.
jintai rensei ha, soreni tomonau daishou ga amari ni mo ooki. kimochi ha wakaru ga, sore ha kami nomi ga yurusareta okonai nandesu yo.
I think you have already seen first hand the incredibly high toll of messing around with human alchemy. I know how it feels to lose someone, but the act of molding flesh is better left to the hands of God.
[It would have been a cute reference to have Majhal use the term "Flesh Forging" (from the 3rd ending) but it probably would have sounded really silly.]

Then why did you have conversations with him about human transmutation?
jaa, nande aitsu to jintai rensei no yaritori nanka shitanda yo?
Okay... if that's the way you feel, then why were you so obsessed with it back then?

I guess you can say it was because of my youthful indiscretion.
wakage no ita[], to iu yatsu desu ne.
Youthful optimism... or youthful foolishness.

LEBI [I don't think there is a definate English spelling of "Lebi" so we'll go with this.]
Majhal-sama, I have made jam out of roses, so please take it if you would like.
majhal-sama. bara no jam wo tsukutemimashita te, yoshikatara...?
Hello Mr. Majhal. I made a batch of rose jam and had some extra. So I thought perhaps you might enjoy...
[I think Majhal and Clause's voice actors have both done a pretty good job with this episode. However, a lot of Lebi's lines sound really weird quality wise, kinda fuzzy or light sounding. I also think some of her early lines were lacking the proper emotion.]

I am thankful for your gifts, Lebi. Thank you.
itsumo sumanai ne, lebi. arigato.
Of course. You spoil me Lebi, you're too kind.

Not at all...
Not at all...

Is there something else you want?
mada nani ka aru no ka?
Was there something else then?

No, I'm sorry...
e-iee. suimasen.
No, I'm sorry. Excuse me...

Okay. Be careful out there.
aa. de ha, ki o tsukete.
Well, all right, take care.


Oh, yes, a festival is going to take place soon, right?
so ieba, mo sugu omatsuri nandesu ne.
So, what is this festival we heard about?

Yes. It is a festival to honor the dead. We put the souls of the dead into fireworks, and try to send them back to heaven.
ee. chinkonsai desu. uchiage hanabi ni shisha no tamashi wo nose, ten ni kaeso to iu no desu.
Oh yes. The Requiem Festival. It's when the spirits of the dead are sent up on fireworks to be returned to heaven where they belong.

I heard a rumor about this village. The one where the dead comes back to life and attack the villagers. Does this have anything to do with that?
kiita ze! kono mura no uwasa. shisha ga yomigaete hitobito osou to iu. naniga kankei aru no ga?
And what about all these rumors we heard about the dead coming back to life as murderous zombies on a bloody rampage? Did that have anything to do with it?

That is just a rumor with no truth at all. My, my... I have a lot of guests today.
haha. de mo ha mo nai, kudaranai uwasa desu yo. un? yare yare, kyou ha kyaku no ooi hi da.
Hahahah. Silly rumors of a superstitious town. My my, I certainly am popular this evening aren't I?
[There is no door knocking sound between the two lines in the dub. Just a long pause. Yep, it's awkward.]

[No sound in the dub]

You! Little brat!

Stop, Klose! Majhal-sama, I'm very sorry.
hora, Clause! majhal-sama, hontou ni sumimasen.
Out with it, Clause! Don't you have something to say to Majhal?

Why do I have to apologize?! It's their fault for being weak! And they're boys!
nande watashi ga ayamaranakucha naranainda yo! aitsu ga yowachiin no ga waruindaro! otoko no kuse ni!
But I don't see why only I have to apologize! It's their stupid fault for being so weak for boys anyway!

What did you say?!
What?! Let me at her! Come on, let me at her!!

Brother, calm down.
niisan! osaete!
[Nothing in the dub]

Klose, I understand that you are angry because of your older sister's death. But you were a kind girl. What would your deceased sister think of you if she saw how you are now?
clause, neesan ga shinde kanashi no ha wakaru. daga kimi ha yasahii onna no ko datta hazu da. ima no kimi wo mittara, nakunatta oneesan ha dou omou ka na?
Oh, Clause. I know your sister's death affected you. But you were once such a sweet and gentle little girl. What would your late sister think if she could see what you've turned into?

Shut up! No one knows how I feel! My sister didn't just die... she was killed! Because she came back to life...!
urusai! watashi no kimochi nanka, dare ni mo wakaranai! neesan ha tada shindan ja nai! korosaretanda! aitsu ga ikikaete!
Shut up! You don't know how I feel! Nobody does! My sister didn't just up and die... she was killed! By that dead girl!

Came back to life?
Uh, okay...come again?

Clause, no! Wait!


Hey! Wait!
oi! mattete!
Hey! Come back here!

Are you... alchemists?
You're alchemists? And you saved me?


It's been six months since my sister died... no one knew the cause. A villager who happened to pass by saw her, dead as if she were sleeping. And on the day of the funeral...
neesan ga shinde kara, mou hantoshi ni naru. gein ha wakaranakata. nemuri you ni shinderu no torinakata mura no ningen ga, mitsuketanda. soshite, sougi no hi no yoru...
It's been nearly six months since my sister died. We had no idea how or why. One of the villagers just found her, lying there like she was asleep. But she wasn't asleep. And then, on the night of her funeral...

Klose... K-Karin!
clause... ka-karin!
Oh, Clause... Ka-Karin?


Dad said that... she was a woman who lived in this village. Do you see now? A dead woman came back to life and killed my sister! And it's not only my sister! She is responsible for everything...
Hey... if you two are alchemists, can you avenge her for everyone? Majhal-san won't do anything even if I ask. So, please...!
tousan ga itteta. are ha mukashi, kono mura ni sundeita onna no hito datte. wakaru darou? shinda onna ga yomigaete, neesan wo koroshitanda! neesan dake ja nai! minnna... aitsu no sei nanda!
na! anta-tachi mo renkinjutsushi nara, kataki wo totte kure yo! majhal-san ni tanondemo, nani mo shitekurenainda! dakara...!
My father told me that, she was a woman who lived in the village a long time ago before she died. Don't you see? From there it wasn't hard to put it together. The dead lady came back to life and killed my sister. And other's too. It's all because of her!
But, if you guys really are alchemists, you can help me avenge her death! I've begged Majhal to help, but he refuses to take part. What d'ya say?
[In the dub, Clause distinctively lowers her tone for her last plea, she doesn't sound so much like she's begging. It's not bad, but noticeably different.]

Of course Majhal-san won't do anything.
majhal-san ga nani mo shinai no mo touzen da.
I can see, why Majhal wouldn't consider it.

[Once again, no line in the dub.]

No one will believe such a story. Also, I don't like how you want revenge.
shinjirarenai kara na. sonna hanashi. sore ni, kataki uchi tte no ga ki ni iranee.
Your theory's as logically sound as a ghost tale. Besides, I don't believe in revenge as motivation.

What's with that excuse...? You're just scared, aren't you?! You call yourselves alchemists?! You're just a short guy and armor freak!
nanda yo sore... hontou ha kowain darou, omaera! nani ga renkinjutsushi da! tada no chibi to yoroi otaku ja nai ka!
You're just saying that... cause you're nothing but a couple of chickens! Posing as alchemists when you're just a cowardly pipsqueak and his walking trash can!

[Though it's only shown up twice counting this, it seems likely this might take the standard place of "chibi". Now to get used to Fullmetal Pipsqueak. ^^ -  From Ep5 - Yep, seems like Pipsqueak is the official English Chibi]

Armor freak...?
yoroi otaku...
Trash can...?
[Once again, although it's a reasonably replaceable insult for someone in armor, it might not be so good for them to deviate from everyone just assuming Al is wearing armor. I mean, the series has enough little holes of too many people knowing about Al's soul transmutation without the dub encouraging it? ^^ On the other hand, it probably just sounds better to the watching American audience?]

Don't call me short! I'm going to become ultra-tall later!
chibi chibi iu na! mada mada korekara ultra ookiku narunda!
Gyaa! Nobody calls me a pipsqueak and gets away with it!! Not even a little girl!!
[Vic's short rants aren't quite as good as in Japanese. - From Ep5 - Though they appear like they are getting a little better ^^]

You're short right now, though! Shorty! Shorty! Ultra hyper super shorty!
ima ha chibi darou? chibi chibi ultra hyper super chibi!
Oh, is that so? Gosh I'm so terrified of the whiny little pipsqueak.

Shut up! If you're a girl, why don't you dress like one?!
urusai! omae koso onna dattara sukoshi ha onnarashii kakko shiro!!
Shut up and take look at yourself! If you're a girl like they all say, why do you look like a paperboy!?
[A little shout-out to the cult of week at desert_hate]

That's none of your business!
kankei nai darou!
None of your business!!

--    --    --

Commerical Break!

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