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FMA Jewelry Info

Hey guys

Thought I'd set up an easy form here just so if any one would like me to make them a bracelet or choker they can copy/paste this into an email and send it to me. I can do FMA related words or not. Whatever you'd like your item to say, I can do. If you'd like me to make one for you, just email me this form. I'll email you back a confirmation and an ETA of when you can expect to get it. Thanks!! :) My email is : elfwhims@yahoo.com

Chokers : $3
Bracelets : $2


Name :

Address :

Word (if more than one, separate with comma) :

Color scheme -- Choker color :
Word color :

Bracelet/Quantity :

Choker/Quantity :

Total : ______

Method of pay : check, moneyorder, paypal (elfwhims@yahoo.com)

Thanks guys!!
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