AC (acdragonmaster) wrote in fm_alchemist,

Haruko vs Hakuro? (the answer!)

Okay, since this has been mentioned multiple times, I thought it deserved its own entry so that it doesn't get lost amongst all the comments. I posted a comment on Mike McFarland's journal asking about what was with the whole Hakuro/Haruko thing, here is the answer he gave:

"Well, the spelling and pronunciation came up in question, because it was written both ways in the materials we received from Japan. When we asked the Japanese about it, they said "Go with Haruko", and so we did. Believe it or not, almost anything in question about this show is decided that way: by asking the source. We really do care, and want to do right by the show..."

So there you have it. There was confusion, they asked the Japanese, the Japanese said to use "Haruko".

Now just waiting to see his response on the Riza/Liza thing, if that gets a reply soon enough I'll just edit this and add that in.
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