manda (ex_saraswath377) wrote in fm_alchemist,

*sigh* (on the Liza/Riza debate)

Okay, this has been bothering me for SOME time and I'm just going to start it as a post because hell, I've had FANFIC REVIEWS (on the Pit, no less, but still) where people tell me I'm wrong for transliterating her name as "Liza" and not "Riza". And now people are getting on Funi's case for adopting it (although the Hakuro/Haruko thing - erm. That's a little off).

If I were translating FMA, I'd probably make her name Liza.

- Because the Japanese is リザ and can therefore be romanized EITHER as Riza OR Liza. Someone gave the "Rei" example in the last post: well, that's because Rei Ayanami is a Japanese name, whereas Liza Hawkeye is not.
- Because all the names in the series are obviously meant to be Western (with the exception of Izumi for whatever reason) and Liza is much more Western-looking/sounding than Riza.

Now, people may give the "official page/merchandise" excuse to me and whatnot, but I've learned from other shows that half the time the names aren't romanized correctly anyway (anyone who knows about Slayers knows what I'm talking about). Japanese-speakers usually aren't native English-speakers. They don't know what works best in our language. And Arakawa was obviously going for Western-style names. So until she answers a question at some con about what Hawkeye's first name is supposed to be, written in Roman letters on a piece of paper, the whole question is 100% up for interpretation and both spellings are acceptable.

Thank you. *off soapbox*

(Apologies for the whining, this has just been building up for some time now.)
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