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05 December 2004 @ 03:45 am
My reaction to esp 5..  
Did anyone notice Al saying to the old lady at the Bread Stand when Ed on the phone with Roy.

Al said That smell good... I mean.. WTF? He can't smell either! *cringe*

Oh yah, What happen to the "Dog of the Military!!" *cries* Instead of "dog" Roy said "talk"
toward the ending.

Roy: "You'll become the talk of the military." (something like that)

I personally don't like Hughes voice at all. He sound high pitchy (like he was holding his nose while talking) comparing to the original. It makes me cringes.. I notice the VA of Hughes been changing the sound of his voices.
For example: When I first heard the conversation with Roy on the phone, he sound high pitchy.. Then almost toward the ending, all the sudden his voice went deep... >,<;
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yumeminouta on December 5th, 2004 09:13 am (UTC)
I didn't like Hughes' voice right on the spot. It was... well, take it this way. Your head is out the window and your voice still sounds like it's indoors. Does that make sense? It's just that his speaking was so smooth when he was looking out of that train window. ._.;

But if we was just plainly talking casually, it was okay for me... but I thought that Hughes' voice could've been better. (Oh, woe! T_T *grabs her FMA towel and snuggles against Hughes' face. ; ;)

Random couple:

"Honey, let's have a talk later."

Next week

"Hey dude, what happened to your girlfriend?"
"She wanted to have a talk but I didn't know that it meant that she wanted a dog."