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05 December 2004 @ 03:45 am
My reaction to esp 5..  
Did anyone notice Al saying to the old lady at the Bread Stand when Ed on the phone with Roy.

Al said That smell good... I mean.. WTF? He can't smell either! *cringe*

Oh yah, What happen to the "Dog of the Military!!" *cries* Instead of "dog" Roy said "talk"
toward the ending.

Roy: "You'll become the talk of the military." (something like that)

I personally don't like Hughes voice at all. He sound high pitchy (like he was holding his nose while talking) comparing to the original. It makes me cringes.. I notice the VA of Hughes been changing the sound of his voices.
For example: When I first heard the conversation with Roy on the phone, he sound high pitchy.. Then almost toward the ending, all the sudden his voice went deep... >,<;
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reversing the polarity of the neutron flowshinraisei on December 5th, 2004 01:24 am (UTC)
*Having not seen the dub, please bear with me here*

Well, in the original, Keiji (Hughes's VA) did sound high-pitched and all-around happy on the phone while he talked to Roy and his voice did deepen near the end because it was a serious moment. Hughes is always high-pitchy in the original when he goes "Fatherly-Love" mode. So, frankly, I don't think there was anything wrong. (Again, I will have to see if my friend's friend who has US satellite, taped it or if anything will turn up on BT)

Hmm..."...talk of the military" ? You sure it wasn't "Dog"? (Its understandable to mix talk and dog together) Mind, this doesn't mean they've changed the "Dog of the Military" thing, yet. By saying "You'll be the talk of the military" he means likely, because of him being only a mere 12 yrs old, him suceeding and passing a National Alchemist test will be the buzz of all of the country's military. (Because, with the title of National Alchemist, you immediately are a part of the Military and are booted up to the rank of Major)