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:D time to annoy people with my boredom..

One of my friends recently started watching FMA, but she missed episode two. I'm good at storytelling, so I told her what happened..

Metaka: you saw the second episode, right?
Emily: uhhhh. anybody's guess.
Metaka: where Cornello got pwned?
Emily: **squint**
Emily: don't remember... quite... =;.;= **dies**
Metaka: and Rose went insane? you didn't see it?
Emily: i'm dumb. the first one i remember seeing is where Ed revealed he was half automail cause of human alchemical stuff
Metaka: **nods**
Emily: but i'm dumb. **sits on the ground where she belongs**
Metaka: you aren't
Metaka: I'll give you the synopsis
Emily: k
Metaka: okay, so like.. Ed and Al bust out of the church and run like Hell
Emily: uh-huh
Metaka: Cornello freaks out, tells Rose that her boyfriend's almost back to normal, takes her to a room where a thing on a bed keeps saying her name
Metaka: Ed and Al end up cornered by some villagers, Al gets beaten to bits and Ed's knocked out
Metaka: Cornello has a scary dream, wakes up, and there's a creepy lady sitting in his room who demands that the philosopher's stone be kept a secret
Emily: i see...
Metaka: So Rose goes to see her boyfriend, cause she's having doubts, and Cornello corners her in the room, opens the curtains, and it's a freaking giant bird thing
Metaka: think of a giant cockatiel with mutant eyes
Metaka: or whatever those birds are called
Emily: =O.o=;;; uhh.
Emily: birds = scary
Metaka: anywho, he leaves her in there to go freaking insane, Al kills the bird, helps her escape to the roof
Emily: ok
Metaka: Cornello goes to the dungeon thingy to brag about how cool he is to Ed
Metaka: Ed manages to extract a confession from him, reveals that he wasn't chained up at all (alchemy is cool like that), and reveals the microphone Cornello was using for his addresses.
Metaka: Seems that Al didn't get beaten to bits, and rigged up a loudspeaker to the townspeople, who are now forming an angry mob(TM)
Metaka: Ed commences asskicky, Cornello flees, begs for mercy from Angry Mob(TM)
Emily: =o.o=;;; XD "Angry Mob (TM)"
Metaka: Ed shows up demanding the stone, Cornello makes some lame comment, Ed makes one of the statues move and nearly crush Cornello like a bug
Metaka: The old man doesn't know when to give up, though, and then the stone freaks the fuck out and mutates his arm; metal rods coming out and stuff
Metaka: and then it explodes, just *pop!*
Metaka: Ed throws a fit because it wasn't real, then leaves with Al, and Cornello whines to the creepy lady, who has some fat guy eat Cornello
Metaka: And then Al tries to console the still-traumatized Rose
Metaka: de end :D
Emily: wtf. that was a craaazy story
Metaka: XD
Emily: if you told that to somebody that didn't know FMA, they'd lock you up

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