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Aniplex-Hour FMA radio shows

Ok, for those of you who wanted the FMA radio shows, I have three of them uploaded right now.

Aniplex-Hour 9 In this show, Ed and Al attempt to sing Melissa.. and can't stop laughing in the process. Quite cute and amusing.

Aniplex-Hour 10 Not quite sure what this one is about.

Aniplex-Hour 13 Same for this one ^-^;

I'm taking these down next week... or if my bandwidth goes through the roof. PLEASE do not direct-link these if you care to share them with others. Comcast will kill me ^-^;

Enjoy the Radio shows guys!! And next Friday, if I remember, i'll upload Ed's Character single.

Oh by the way.... if anybody can translate these... PLEASE?!?!
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