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Revolution, Part II

Spoilers for the Entire Series, specifically Episode 51

Chapter 1

Note: As it will become painfully obvious, I'm not too creative with names. So even if they sound un-German, rest-assured I'll have a reason behind it. The first two parts are relatively short, but Part III is quite longer.

Rating: G

Part II

Edward groaned, opening his golden eyes. He winced, the pain still resounding through his head like a wild stampede. Or, like the riot he had walked blindly into. “Oh good, you’re awake. I was worried,” a female voice, sounding very relieved, sighed.

“Where am I?” Edward asked, trying to sit up. But he was quickly pushed back by the girl. “Hey…”

“You’re in a make-shift Clinic,” the girl said, “but you shouldn’t sit up just yet. You were hit pretty hard.” Edward muttered something under his breath, but stayed where he was. He closed his eyes for a moment, then opened them again to look at the girl. His eyes widened.


The girl blinked, and looked confused. “How did you know my name? I haven’t told you, since you’ve been unconscious for a few days now.” She thought about it for a moment then shook her head. “Yes, my name is Nina. I don’t know your name, mein Herr. The men who brought you in here found you on the street.”

“Edward…Edward Elric,” Edward said softly, his eyes never leaving Nina’s. “Thank you, for taking care of me.”

Nina smiled again. “It’s what I do best,” she replied, gently brushing Edward’s bangs from his eyes. “Now rest up, I’ll be right back with fresh bandages.” She rose from her seat and turned away. “If I come back and you’re moving around, you’ll regret it.” Edward laughed softly and watched her go.

He couldn’t help but feel sad as he watched her. His stomach panged with guilt over not being able to save her and Alexander. The very thought of it caused his stomach to churn. Edward sighed shakily, and closed his eyes, seeing Nina’s tiny smiling face, and memories of running through the snow-covered yard with her and Alexander. He could still feel her tiny arms around his neck, singing children songs, hear her laughter, and see the splatter of the Chimera’s insides on that alley wall…

Edward hadn’t realized he was crying until Nina came back somewhat alarmed at his state. “Herr Elric, why are you crying?” she asked concerned, sitting down and wiping his tears away gently with a handkerchief. “Is something the matter?”

“Eh - no, I just … I’m sorry,” he apologized, sniffing and looking away. “You remind me of someone I lost…not that long ago.”

Nina frowned and turned his face gently towards her. “I’m very sorry to hear that, Herr Elric. She must have meant a lot to you.”

“She did,” Edward confirmed shakily. “She was…she wasn’t my blood sister, but I wanted to protect her and I couldn’t…I couldn’t even live up to being called her big brother. I just…I wish I could have saved you, Nina.

“Herr Elric?”

Edward was now speaking through a new veil of tears. His already thin body was shaking as he spoke. “Why couldn’t I have at least done that for you, Nina? You trusted me so much, and I wanted to help you, I really did…I hope you’re not mad at me for what happened, N-Nina.. I’m really sorry..” Edward’s chest heaved, as he coughed violently. Nina gasped and steadied him. “You didn’t have to DIE! You didn’t need to be used like that! W-Why couldn’t I … why couldn’t I have saved you?!”

Nina’s concern for Edward’s deteriorating mental state rose higher and she quickly asked for another nurse to help her settle him down. “What happened to him?” The other nurse, Margrethe, asked softly.

“I’m not sure,” Nina answered, frowning. “We were talking about someone he had lost recently, and suddenly it was as if…he was talking to her. I think we had the same name.” She rubbed her arm.

“Poor boy,” Margrethe sympathized, looking over at the now sleeping Edward. “That injury to his head may have caused him to hallucinate, and think that you were that girl he knew. It’s common with a head injury.” She put a hand on Nina’s dainty shoulder. “Let’s leave him to rest.” Nina nodded and followed Margrethe to another room.


After his episode in the clinic, Edward steered clear of any social interaction. He stayed holed up in his cubby hole of an apartment in one of the few standing areas of Munich. As he worked away with his physics and chemistry texts, Edward would occasionally pause to look outside his window. The scenery would constantly change, and he would bear witness to random violent protests, rallies held by the constantly growing Nazi party, and even murders.

Being deep in thought, Edward’s finger creased the top corner of page 237 of the large text he had been reading. Or, as the case were, attempting to read; which his wandering mind would not let him actually do. He blinked slowly, and looked down at the blueprints he was drafting of a rocket engine. It was in the rough planning stages, and at this point, there was no way he would be able to build a prototype with the value of the German Mark as it stood.

His stomach growled, and Ed looked downwards, sighing. He didn’t have enough money to garner something to eat. This was a fact that did not seem to matter to his stomach, as it growled again, but louder, and causing Ed to wince in pain. Staying here and starving wasn’t an option, as Edward got out of his seat, and left his apartment. He frowned, looking around for any sign of a free opening to grab something to eat. Unfortunately, there was nothing. Not even bread lying on the ground. If there had been, he rationalized, it would have been picked up and fought over immediately.

Edward’s journey didn’t find him any food.

He wouldn’t eat for another week. It brought back memories.

“Full Metal, you look like a stick,” Colonel Mustang drawled, giving his subordinate a once over. “You’re of no use to me when you can barely stand.”

Ed glared and tried not to look as tired as he felt. “Screw off!”

“That’s no way to talk to your superior officer!” Mustang smirked.

“If you ever acted like one maybe I’d actually listen to you!” Ed snapped, storming off.

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