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Transcripts: VA chat session logs part 1!

Before the transcripts, I’m going to just go ahead and tell you, I DO have transcripts from the other two rooms from during the episode 3 airing, as well as from the other two rooms for the episode 4 airing, from the first AND second sessions, and they WILL be posted.  Just not yet.  I’m working ONLY with the secret third room right now.  The ORIGINAL secret room, however I don’t have the complete log for the mistakenly created SECOND secret room which got to speak to Travis BEFORE the original secret room due to confusion, because I wasn’t aware that this other chat existed at the time.  I did get a lot of it, but if anybody has the log of what went on before I came in, I’d be grateful if you’d share it with me so I can correct this mistake.  ^^;

A second side note: Do NOT ask me for Travis’ screenname, for I shall not tell you.  Do NOT ask me for Vic’s screenname, for I also shall not tell you.  Do not ask me for candy, either, because I don’t have any.  The logs are, for the most part, unedited (aside from Travis’ screenname), but for the sake of cutting things that don’t matter, there will be some parts sectioned off.  QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS will be in BOLD and NUMBERED CORRESPONDINGLY.  Make good use of the find tool. (Ctrl+F)  Travis’ name will be bolded, and amusing snippets of conversation will be in italics.  Most memorable/quoteable lines will be marked with **asterisks**.

IMPORTANT: If your screenname is listed in this chat, and you would prefer that it was NOT…PLEASE TELL ME THIS SO I CAN APPROPRIATELY EDIT YOUR NAME OUT.

Due to the character limit for LiveJournal, it is possible that an entire session will not fit in one post.  If this is the case, the rest of the session will be linked at the bottom of the entry, and the cutoff will be made at a logical breaking point in the chat to avoid confusion.  That said, sit back, squeal and enjoy!  Oh, and don’t forget your drool buckets…I don’t want to have to mop up the floor when you’re done reading.  ^^


( Secret Room Session 1: Episode 3 Airing )

( Secret Room Session 2: Episode 3 Airing )

( Secret Room Session 3: Episode 3 Airing )


( Secret Room Session 4: Episode 4 Airing )


That's all for now, I'll update THIS POST when I get the next logs up.  I'll put a link to this post in an update post so you won't have to go searching for it again, though.  ^^;  I'll update weekly, as stated before, I'll also have the transcripts from the other rooms, as stated as well, but I don't have them up yet or at my fingertips right now, they're on the other computer.  ^^; 

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